Get…in/into=جا دادن – جا کردن

How did you get that elephant into its cage?

Get…into a trouble=توی دردسر افتادن

Susie got into a lot of trouble at school today.

Get…out = بیرون آوردن

You got me into this mess-you should get me out.

Get…out = پاک کردن و از بین بردن

Do you think bleach will get this wine stain out of my white blouse?

Get out = خارج شدن – درز کردن

Be careful – we’ll be in a lot of trouble if this information gets out.

Get out = بیرون رفتن از خانه

You work too hard; you should get out more.

Sourpuss = عبوس – بدخلق

Put up with = تحمل کردن – کنار آمدن

Wear the pants = رئیس خانواده بودن

Keep tabs on = کنترل کردن – چرخاندن

Out of line = پا بیرون گذاشتن از حد

Fix one’s wagon = خدمت کسی رسیدن – تصحیح کردن – سرجای خود نشاندن

Push someone around = کسی را دور انگشت چرخاندن

Weigh one’s words = مواظب حرف خود بودن

Rule the roost = غالب بودن – رئیس بودن

Lynn: She’s a sourpuss. How does he put up with her?

Ruth: I think she wears the pants in the family. She keeps tabs on everything.

Lynn: If he steps out of line, she’ll fix his wagon. She pushes him around.

Ruth: He has to weigh his words when he talks to her.

Lynn: You can see she rules the roost.

لین: آدم عبوسی است (بد اخلاق) چطوری باهاش سر می کند؟

روث: من فکر میکنم  زنه رئیس خانواده است. او همه چیز را کنترل می کند.

لین: اگر مرده پاشو چپ بزاره حسابی خدمتش می رسه. او دور انگشتش می چرخونتش.

روث: وقتی با زنش حرف می زنه باید مواظب حرف زدنش باشه.

لین: کاملاً مشخصه که زنه رئیسه.

a) out of line     b) wears the pants      c )keep tabs on    d) sourpuss      e) put up with     f) pushed me around     g) weigh my words     h) fix his wagon     i) rules the roost

1. She tells everybody in the family what to do. She……………

2. I don’t like to be around him. He never smiles. He is a……………….

3. His mother said he better be home for dinner but he’s late again. She’s going to…….

4. The boss is going to interview me today. I don’t think I should talk too much. I 

5. Her son has been getting into trouble lately, so she’s had to …………..him.

6. She tells her husband exactly what he can and cannot do. She……………..

7. Her children bring home friends all hours of the night. I wouldn’t ………..it

8. The principal is coming to our classroom this afternoon. I want excellent behavior  You will be punished if you get……………

9. I always had to listen to my older sister. She…………………

1. b/i        2.d              3.h    4.g    5.c     6.b/i         7.e      8.a    9.f

Hype=تبلیغات شدید و اهمیت دادن به چیزی

There has been so much hype about these new products. I hope they really work.

Rebate = برگرداندن قسمتی از بهای چیزی در آینده

My television only cost $50 after the rebate.