About Us

Vancouver area known as the heart of beauty in Canada has been the destination of a great number of immigrants and visitors over the years. Canada is proud to be the home to many such immigrants from different corners of the world. Canada stands as one of the leading inner circle countries in assisting second language learning/teaching.

Shokouh English Institute has been among the prominent language schools in west Canada. Located in the central area of North Vancouver, this school is an easy-to-reach center for all learners, especially Persian community.

Shokouh English Institute has enjoyed a very well-established reputation for the appropriate methodology, learners’ need analysis, fast-paced courses, and the support for the language learners.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

Highly educated teachers who have had long-term teaching experience in Iran, the United Arab Emirates, France, and North America all are precious asset for this school. Application of technology in education is another brilliant aspect of our language center in assisting our learners for a more successful training course.

Our school has been almost an exclusive language center for adult Persian learners of English. Knowing about the needs of our learners, we have been proud to provide our best academic atmosphere to help them with the accomplishment of their goals during the entire life of Shokouh English Institute.