ESL / Jet Speed executive course:

Whatever your level of English, with the Jet Speed ESL Course you will see yourself advance in your mastery of English Grammar, Vocabulary, Structure and Verbal Skills including pronunciation. The Jet Speed Program is designed as a self-contained program that you can work with at your speed and on your time.

Register for one term at a time or take advantage of a 20% discount by paying the entire course up front. Contact us with any questions you have about the course by phone, email, or in person at our facility in beautiful North Vancouver.


Preparing to continue your education?  At the Shokouh Academy our experienced and dedicated teachers, specialized in IELTS instruction and coaching, are available for the private instruction to prepare for the IELTS examination.  The number of hours required to be optimally prepared will vary between 10 and 30 hours depending on the present level of English.

LPI (Language Proficiency Index)

Private instruction in reading and writing will prepare the student for any English Academic language assessments including the Language Proficiency Index used by post-secondary institutions, employers, professional organizations as a measure of being able to communicate effectively.  The number of sessions required to achieve the desired level will depend on the present  level and personal factors, however this is between 10 and 15 hours.

High School English / Essay Writing

At Shokouh we have tutors for general High School English to help you excel.  Don’t let English language difficulties hold you back.  Learn to effectively present your ideas and don’t miss important points in your classes.  Your tutor will be there for you throughout the year.