Get back= دور ایستادن – عقب رفتن

Get back from the edge of the cliff you might fall.

Get behind = عقب افتادن

Linda had some problems last semester, and she got behind in her studies.

Get by = عبور کردن – رد شدن

There was an accident on the highway, and no one could get by.

Get by = از پس زندگی یا چیزی بر آمدن

Don’t worry about me. I’ll get by somehow.

Get down = دولا شدن طوری که کسی شما را نبیند

Get down! If the police catch us here, we will be in a lot of trouble.

Get… down = حال کسی را گرفتن – غمگین کردن

Don’t let your brother get you down. Everything will be all right.

Knockout = آدم یا چیز فوق العاده خوشگل

Nuts about = عاشق کسی بودن – دیوونه کسی بودن

Play with fire = دنبال دردسر گشتن – با آتش بازی کردن

Twists him around one’s finger = کسی را کنترل کردن – دور انگشت چرخاندن

Lead on =مچل کردن – کسی را بازی دادن

At one’s beck and call = غلام حقله به گوش بودن – توی مشت کسی بودن

Put someone on a pedestal =کسی را پرستیدن

Play up to someone = مجیز کسی را گفتن الکی تعریف کردن

Pour (lay) it on thick = الکی تعریف کردن – لی لی به لالا گذاشتن

Stacy: I know she’s a knockout and he’s nuts about her but he’s playing with fire.

Wendy: she twists him around her little finger and leads him on. He’s at her back and call.

Stacy: why does he put her on a pedestal?

Wendy: because she plays up to him and pours it on thick.

استیسی: می دونم خیلی خوشگله و او هلاکشه ولی داره با آتیش بازی می کنه

وندی: آره او دورانگشت می چرخوندش و بازیش می ده . اون توی مشتشه

(استیسی: چرا اینقدر براش می میره (اونو می پرسته

(وندی: چون که مجیزش را می گه الکی ازش تعریف می کنه (لی لی به لالاش می زاره

a) lay it on thick    b) twist him around her little finger    c) leading him on      
d) playing with fire     e) puts her on a pedestal      f) at his beck and call      
g) nuts about     h) a knockout    i) playing up to him

1. He wanted to go home early so he said he had a headache. Nobody really believed him so he had to ……………..

2. Did you notice that beautiful girl? She was …………

3. If you experiment with drugs, you’re……….

4. Chocolate ice cream is her favorite food. She is …………it.

5. She can make him do whatever she wants. It’s amazing how she  

6. He is in love with her but she is not in love with him. Why does she make him 
     believe she loves him by……………….?

7. I don’t understand why he idolizes her. He ……………..

8. He can call her at any time of night and she will come running. She is …………..

9. She is going to make sure she gets the job by…………

1.a   2.h   3.d   4.g   5.b  6.c/I   7.e    8.f    9.c/i

Marketing blitz = هیاهوی تبلیغاتی شدید

I see your products everywhere! You are doing a grant marketing blitz.

Launch = معرفی کردن و ارائه کالا به بازار

After we launch our products next week, everyone will know about them.