Make for= با عجله جایی رفتن

After the robbery, the bank robbers made for the border.

Brush up = مرور کردن چیزی که فراموش شده

Frank’s going to Peru next month, so he’s been brushing up on his Spanish.

Come in (handy) = به درد خوردن- مفید بودن

When I travel, I always take a small sewing kit with me; it comes in handy if a button falls off.

Cut back= صرفه جویی و کمتر خرج کردن

The president said he was against cutting back on spending for education.

Cut back= cut down مصرف چیزی را کم کردن

You’re getting a little overweight; maybe you should cut back on sweets.

Move in /into= اسباب کشی و وارد جایی شدن

Erica is moving into a bigger apartment next week.


Harp on= پافشاری و اصرار کردن

Nitpick= گیر دادن – خرده گرفتن

Drive someone up a wall=کسی را دیوانه کردن

Sit right=قابل قبول بودن – جور بودن

Split hairs= تک روی کردن – جدا کردن مسائل

Take something to heart=جدی گرفتن

Looney bin= دیوونه خونه

Tammy: He’s a pill. He keeps harping on the same thing.

Holly: He also nitpicks. It drives me up a wall.

Tammy: It doesn’t sit right with me either. I don’t like splitting hairs.

Holly: I shouldn’t take it to heart, but he’s going to send me to the looney bin.

تمی: آدم مزاحمی است. یکسره به یک چیز گیر می ده

هالی: یکسره عیب می گیره. منو دیوونه می کنه

(تمی: با من هم آبش توی یک جوی نمی ره. من دوس ندارم جدا کار کنم (تک روی کنم

هالی: من نباید این مسئله را جدی بگیرم. اما بالاخره منو راهی تیمارستان می کنه

a) taken  it to heart       b) split hairs    c) drive me up a wall    d) pill
e) harping on     f) nitpick    g) looney bin     h) sit right

1. If he doesn’t stop singing that song over and over again, he will……………….

2. Whenever you see her, she is never feeling well and always complaining.
    She is a……..

3. I know I made a mistake but stop ……it.

4. Somebody better talk to him about the way he eats. His table manners don’t
    …….with our family.

5. Whenever you submit a report to him, he will look for any minor, unimportant
    errors. He loves to………………

6. These children can make you crazy. Living with them is like living in a……..

7. His parents had a talk with him about improving his grades. I hope he

8. It’s important that we all work together on this project. If we want the project done
    quickly we cannot…………..

1 .c    2.d    3.e     4.h   5.f   6.9    7.a    8.b

Plug = تعریف و تمجید توی رادیو و تلویزیون

The host of the television show gave my movie a nice plug. He said it was the funniest script he had ever read.

Rock-bottom prices = پایین ترین قیمت ممکن یک کالا

The clothing store on the corner is having a huge sale. I’ve never seen such rock-bottom prices.