Pick up = مرتب کردن

Let’s pick this place up – It’s a mess.

Take….over = کنترل چیزی را بر عهده گرفتن

The hijackers took over the plane and ordered the pilot to fly to Mavana.

Take over = جابجایی و به عهده گرفتن قدرت

After the takeover, the new president made a lot of changes.

Take over = مسئولیت کار کسی را به عهده گرفتن

We work from 4:00 pm to midnight, and then the graveyard shift takes over.

Wipe out = تمیز کردن

Wipe the microwave out. It’s got spaghetti sauce inside it.

Wipe out = کاملاً نابود کردن – کاملا محو کردن از چیزی

The general said he would wipe-out the rebels.

Spitting image = کاملاً شبیه

Chip off the old block = بچه ای که ظاهر و رفتارش شبیه به یکی از والدینش باشد

Take after =  به کسی رفتن – شبیه بودن (به مادرش رفته)

Nobody’s fool = زرنگ، با هوش

Name someone after = اسم کسی را روی کسی گذاشتن

Well-off= ثروتمند

Off and on = گاهگاهی

Steel clear of him = اجتناب از دیدن کسی

Look one’s nose at = با نگاه تحقیر آمیز به کسی نگاه کردن

Mike: Your kid’s the spitting image of you.

Barbara: He’s a chip off the old block. He takes after my side of the family. He’s nobody’s fool.

Mike: Whom did you name him after?

Barbara: A relative who’s very well-off.

Mike: Do you still see him?

Barbara: Off and on. We steer clear of him now because he looks down his nose at us.

مایک: پسرت کپی خودته

باربارا: به خانوادش رفته. شبیه خانواده منه. بچه زرنگی است

مایک: اسمشو از کی گرفته؟

باربارا: از یکی از فامیلها که خیلی پولداره

مایک: آیا هنوز هم اونو می بینید

باربارا: گاهگاهی. حسابی ازش دوری می کنیم چونکه خیلی تحقیر آمیز به ما نگاه می کنه

a) Chip off the old block    b) spitting image     c) off and on     
d) steer clear of     e)looks down her nose at    f) nobody’s fool     
g) named after     h) takes after     i) well-off

1. When you see trouble ……..it.

2. They have four new cars, a yacht, a plane and a mansion. They’re………………

3. Her father’s name is Robert. Her name is Roberta. She was ……………..her father.

4. Her mother is a wonderful cook and so is she. She ………………her mother.

5. She thinks she is better than anyone else. She ………………everyone.

6. He’s very smart. He’s…………………

7. I watch television…………..it’s not a habit.

8. The father was an athlete and his son loves football, baseball and swimming. 
    He’s a…………

9. I knew that was your father. You look exactly alike. You’re the …………….of him.

1. d    2.i    3.g    4.h    5.e   6.f   7.c   8.a   a. b

1- working stiff = کارگر ساده

I’m just a working stiff and I’m glad. I wouldn’t want the responsibility of owing a company.

2- To CC someone = فرستادن کپی از چیزی برای کسی

Did you CC me on the letter you sent to the executive committee? I never got a copy!