Blow…. off = انجام ندادن کاری – پشت گوش انداختن

I was supposed to report for jury duty Monday morning, but I blew it off.

Bring…. up = حرفی را پیش کشیدن – مطرح کردن

You and your big mouth! We were having a great time until you brought that up.

Bring…up = بزرگ کردن و تربیت کردن

Tom was born in Canada, but he was brought up in the United States.

Burst out = با صدای بلند خندیدن و یا گریه کردن

Mary burst out laughing when  I fell into the swimming pool.

Come back= دوباره مد شدن

Miniskirts are coming back this year.

Come back= دوباره مد شدن

I saved all my wide neckties because I know they would make a comeback some day.

Have a mind of one’s own=مستقل فکر کردن

Lead one around by the nose = کسی را کنترل کردن

Give one’s foot down=محکم اعتراض کردن

give someone a piece of one’s mind=  در هنگام عصبانیت حرف دل خود را گفتن ، از جلوی کسی در آمدن

At odds= درعدم توافق بودن

See eye to eye= نظر مشابه داشتن

Put down=انتقاد کردن – کسی را خرد کردن

Stick up for = از خود دفاع کردن

Dan: He doesn’t have a mind of his own.

Joe: That’s true. His wife leads him around by the nose.

Dan: Why doesn’t he give her a piece of his mind? I’d put my foot down.

Joe: She’s always at odds with him. They never see eye to eye.

Dan: I know she always puts him down.

Joe: He should stick up for himself.

(دن: اصلاً کلاهش پشمی نداره (نمی تونه مستقل فکر کنه

جو: درسته. زنش سر انگشت می چرخوندش

دن: چرا از جلوش در نمی یاد؟ اگه من بودم اعتراض می کردم

جو: همیشه ازش ایراد می گیره (باهاش مخالفه). هیچوقت نظراتشون با هم یکی نیست

دن: آره همیشه اونو خردش می کنه

(جو: باید از خودش دفاع کنه (خدمتش برسه

a) puts her down    b) a piece of her mind    c) see eye to eye    
d) have a mind of her own    e) at odds    f) put your foot down    g) sticks up for      
h) leads him around by the nose

1. Don’t talk about his family. He….. …………….them.

2. That wife tells her husband what to do all the time. She…………….

3. My friend and i think alike. We…………………

4. If you don’t want to work overtime every night, …………………

5. She was so angry, she gave him………………

6. They don’t get along well. They’re always…………….with each other.

7. He always calls her “stupid.” I don’t like the way he……………

8. She always agrees with her husband. She doesn’t…………….

1.g     2.h   3.c   4.f     5.b   6.e     7.a    8.d

Bug = مشکل روی یک برنامه کامپیوتری

Every time I try to delete a word from the page, the program stops working!  It must be a bug.

Computer hacker = مخ کامپیوتر

Debbie set up my computer so that it will automatically do all my banking! I never knew she was such a computer hacker.