Fill… up = شکم خود را با چیزی پر کردن

Don’t fill up on salad- you won’t have any room for dinner.

Pick …up = کسی را از جایی با اتومبیل برداشتن

You will be picked up at the airport by the hotel van.

Pick… up = یاد گرفتن

My son is picking some bad habits up from his friends.

Pick… up = دستگیر کردن

Charles was picked up for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Pick… up the tab = پرداخت کردن صورت حساب رستوران

Tom is a real cheapskate; he never picks up the check.

Pick … up = بهتر شدن

Business is slow this time of year, but it should pick up in December.

Down-to- earth = واقع بین

Swell = معرکه – عالی

Hit it off= با هم حال کردن – از مصاحبت هم لذت بردن

Turn one off= کسل کردن – خسته کردن

Buddy-buddy=جون جونی – رفیق صمیمی

Give/get the cold shoulder = توجه نکردن – رفتار بد داشتن

Put someone on = عفو کردن – اذیت کردن

The size of it = واقعیت – اونجوری که هست

Rachel: I like your friend. She’s down-to-earth.

Wendy: I know. She’s swell. We really hit it off.

Rachel: I don’t like her other friend. She really turns me off.

Wendy: I’m surprised they’re so buddy-buddy.

Rachel: I saw her the other day and she gave me the cold shoulder.

Wendy: You’re putting me on!

Rachel: No-that’s about the size of it.

راچل: از دوستت خوشم می یاد، آدم واقع بین و منطقی است

وندی: می دونم – معرکه است – ما با هم حال می کنیم

راچل: از دوست دیگه اش خوشم نمی یاد. حال منو می گیره

وندی: من تعجب می کنم اینقدر جون جونی هستند

راچل: چند روز پیش اونو دیدم و او اعتنایی به من نکرد

!وندی: شوخی می کنی

راچل: نه واقعیت همینه – جدی می گم

a) gave me the cold shoulder    b) turned her off     c) swell            d) putting me on     
e) hit it off    f) the size of it      g) down-to-earth      h) buddy-buddy

1. She’s friendly and sensible. She’s …………….

2. They have been very good friends for years and always go places together. 
    They are …………..

3. She didn’t like her sister’s new boyfriend at all. He ……………

4. Debbie and Mike enjoy each other’s company. I’m glad they………………..

5. We were at a convention and he ignored me. He……………..

6. You got a raise? That’s ………………..

7. I don’t believe you got tickets for a cruise. You’re ……………….

8. There’s nothing you can do. He doesn’t want to go to college. That’s about………..

1.g     2.h    3.b    4.e    5.a   6.c    7.d    8.f

Work one’s fingers to the bone = شدید کار کردن

Every day at work, I type for at least six hours, do errands and make phone calls. I work my fingers to the bones but I don’t mind because my boss really appreciates me.

Work horse = کسی که زیاد کار می کند

If you want something to get done, ask Irene. She is a workhorse.