Fall down = افتادن

I slipped on some ice on the sidewalk and fell down.

Go down with = جور درآمدن – به مذاق کسی خوب یا بد آمدن

The new “no smoking” policy didn’t go down very well with the smokers in the office.

Go down = از کار افتادن شبکه های کامپیوتری

I couldn’t withdraw any money at the bank because its computers had gone down.

Lay… down = در حالت افقی قرار دادن – گذاشتن

The police ordered Jake to lay down his gun and surrender.

Lay down = تصویب و اعلام کردن

The government laid down several new tax regulations.

Put down = انتقاد کردن و گیر دادن به کسی

Jim hates his stepfather and puts him down constantly.

Pound the pavement = آسفات سابیدن – دنبال کار گشتن

Shoot the breeze = غیبت کردن و ول گشتن (تنبلی کردن)

Get under someone’s skin = اذیت کردن – اعصاب کسی را خرد کردن

Up to here with = جان به لب کردن

On the spot = وضعیت و موقعیت سخت و هراس آور

The third degree = بازجویی دراز مدت

Squeal = خبر دادن

Have the heart to = بی رحم بودن – دل کار سخت را داشتن

Come clean = حقیقت را گفتن

Jay: John’s going to be pounding the pavement if he doesn’t stop shooting the breeze all day.

Kay: He’s starting to get under the boss’s skin. He is up to here with John.

Jay: I hope the boss doesn’t put me on the spot about John. He’ll probably give me the third degree.

Kay: I know you don’t have the heart to squeal on him but I think you have to come clean.

(جی: اگه جان دست از تنبلی و ول بودن (ولنگاری) بر نداره مجبور می شه آسفات سابی کنه (دنبال کار باشه

کی: حسابی رفته تو اعصاب رئیس. رئیس از دست جان جونش به لبش رسیده

جی: امیدوارم رئیس منو توی موقعیت سختی درباره جان قرار نده. او احتمالاً از من یک بازجویی حسابی خواهد 

کی: می دونم تو دلشو نداری به جان خبر بدی ولی فکر می کنم باید حقیقت را بهش بگی

a) shoot the breeze     b) pounding the pavement     c) up to here with      
d) squealed      e) on the spot       f) the third degree      g) came clean    
h) get under my skin       i) have the heart to

1. Work is difficult to find. He’s been ……………….for a week.

2. I just cashed my pay check, so when he asked me to lend him some money, I was………..

3. All his friends wanted to know about his exciting evening, as soon as he came in the door, they gave him………………

4. Jane ate the cookies. The mother asked the children who ate them, but nobody………

5. The criminal confessed. Everybody was surprised he……………..

6. I call up my girlfriend every night and we……………..

7. Some TV commercials………………….

8. My telephone bills are so high. I’m …………….them.

9. She studied so hard that I don’t ……………… tell her she failed.

1.b    2.e    3.f    4.d    5.g    6.a   7.h    8.c   9.i

Put one’s nose to the grind stone = کار بسیار سختی را انجام دادن

I need you to put your nose to the grindstone. We have to get this project done in exactly one week.

Put someone/something on the map = به شهرت رساندن – معروف کردن

Our new discovery for anti-aging cream is sure to put our company on the map.