Put-down= توهین – انتقاد زشت

At the party Sam asked Nancy if she had made her dress from an old curtain. 
What a put-down!

Put….. down = پیش پرداخت – پیش پرداخت کردن

I told her that I could put as much as $15000 down.

Put…. down = اسم یا چیزی را بر یک لیست اضافه کردن

Mary is selecting money for charity, so I told her to put me down for 50$.

Put…. down = فرود آوردن هواپیما

Fortunately, the pilot was able to put the plane down on a frozen lake.

Run…. down = با اتومبیل زدن و زیر کردن

Ali was arrested after he ran 3 people down.

Run …………..down = لیستی یا جدولی را بررسی کردن از بالا تا پایین

Let’s run down the Christmas list and decide what to give everyone.

Put one’s finger on = دقیق فهمیدن – به دقت به خاطر آوردن

Hard nut to crack = چیزی که مشکل می توان آن را فهمید

Go overboard = از حد خارج شدن – شلوغش کردن

Carried away= احساساتی شدن

Within reason = معقول – منطقی

Pinpoint = دلیل چیزی را دقیقا فهمیدن – دقیق بررسی کردن

Make one’s hair stand on end = سرمان سوت بکشد – ترساندن – وحشت زده کردن

Pull up stakes = نقل مکان کردن

Matt: I can’t put my finger on why business is bad. It’s a hard nut to crack.

Shelley: Do you go overboard when you buy merchandise?

Matt: Sometimes I get carried away but I usually buy within reason.

Shelley: Let’s try to pinpoint it. Is your rent too high?

Matt: what I pay would make your hair stand on end.

Shelley: If that’s the problem, maybe you should pull up stakes.

مت: نمی تونم دقیقاً بفهمم چرا اوضاع اقتصادی (بازار) خرابه. مشکل می شه فهمید.

(شیلی: وقتی چیزی می خری (کالا) بیش از حد اشتیاق نشون می دی (حواست پرت می شه؟

(مت: گاهی اوقات احساساتی می شم ولی معمولاً منطقی و معقول می خرم (عمل می کنم

شیلی: بیا دقیقاً مسئله را بررسی کنیم. آیا اجاره تو بالاست؟

مت: اجاره من باعث می شه سرت سوت بکشه

شیلی: اگه مشکل اینه، شاید باید محل کسبت را عوض کنی

a) make your hair stand on end      b) within reason     c) carried away     d) pinpoint      e) put my finger on      f) go overboard     g) a hard nut to crack      h) pull up stakes

1. I haven’t been feeling very well lately, but I can’t …………….the cause.

2. Many executives get transferred and their families must…………..

3. Her cooking is so good, I always …………….and eat too much.

4. The movie was so sad, she started crying loudly. She didn’t realize she got……….

5. That’s a beautiful dress. I’ll buy it if the price is………………..

6. Getting into show business is………………..

7. The extreme poverty in that country would………………

8. I know I met him somewhere but I can’t………………

1. d/e          2.h     3.f     4.c    5.b      6.g     7.a    8.d/e

Racket = کلاهبرداری – کار و تجارتی که سر مردم کلاه می گذارد

A salesman just asked me if I wanted to invest a thousand dollars in an oil well that would make me a millionaire in one week. It sounds like a racket, if you ask me.

Run off something = پرینت کردن – چاپ کردن

Could you please run off 3 copies of this document for me?