Live with = تحمل کردن – سد کردن – کنار آمدن

I can’t change the situation, so I’ll just have to learn to live with it.

Make of = فهمیدن – درک کردن

So what did you make of the prime minister’s speech?

Narrow down = خلاصه کردن – حذف اسامی از یک لیست

All the candidates for the job have excellent qualifications. Narrowing the list down wont’be easy.

Trick into = کسی را گول زدن و وادار به کاری احمقانه کردن

The con artist tricked them into giving him their life savings.

Back down = عقب کشیدن – عقب نشینی کردن

The police officer tried to force me to pay him a bribe,  but when I said I would report him to the  chief of police, he backed down.

Calm down = خونسردی خود را حفظ کردن – آرام شدن

Mike tried to calm his sister down after she had a fight with her husband.

Hyper = هایپر – پر از انرژی ولی عصبی و نا آرام

Keyed up = قاطی – عصبی

Bite off more than one can chew = لقمه را بزرگتر از دهان خود برداشتن

Know if one is coming or going = گیج و گول

Run around in circles = دور خود چرخیدن – کاری از پیش نبردن

Simmer down = آرام شدن

Get a grip on oneself = احساسات خود را کنترل کردن

Lose one’s marbles = دیوانه شدن – خل شدن

Brett: He’s hyper lately. I don’t know why he’s so keyed up.

Ron: I think he bit off more than he could chew when he took this job. He doesn’t know if he’s coming or going.

Brett: He keeps running around in circles. He better simmer  down and get a grip on himself.

It’s too late. Frankly, I think he’s already lost his marbles.

برت: خیلی اخیراً نا آرومه. نمی دونم چرا اینقدر قاطی کرده

(ران: من فکر می کنم لقمه بزرگتر از دهنش ور داشت. خیلی گیج و گوله (نمی دونه داره چیکار می کنه

(برت: حسابی گوگیجه گرفته (دور خودش می چرخه). بهتره آروم بشه و خودش را کنترل کنه

ران: خیلی دیر شده، راستش، من فکر می کنم حسابی عقلش را از دست داده ( خل شده

a) running around in circles      b) bit off more than he could chew     
c) keyed up       d) know if he’s coming or going      e) lost his marbles         
f) hyper       g) simmer down    h) get a grip on herself

1. If he gets too upset, try to have him…………………………

2. Anyone who insults his boss has……………….

3. Her child doesn’t sit still. He’s so………………..

4. He works six days a week and goes to school part-time. I think he ……………

5. His wife just had a baby. He’s so excited he doesn’t …………………..

6. When she heard her child was in an accident, she tried to ……………….after her initial panic.

7. Before his job interview, he was ……………….

8. She lost her child in the supermarket. No matter how hard she looked, she couldn’t find him. She was ………………

1.g      2.e       3.f     4.b     5.d    6.h     7.c      8.a

1- Pull some strings = اعمال نفوذ کردن – پارتی بازی کردن

We are not hiring anyone right now, but I was able to pull some strings and get you on an interview with the owner of the company.

2- Put a rush on something  (to) = کاری را سریع و با عجله انجام دادن

I need you to send this document to our word processing department. Put a rush on it. The boss needs it right away.