Go by = رد شدن – گذر کردن

I went by Jim’s house to see if his car was in the drive way.

Go by= سر زدن

You can forget about going by the dry cleaner to pick up your stuff. It’s closed.

Go by = گذشتن زمان

I can’t believe that thirty years have gone by since I got out of high-school

Go by = اجرا کردن

Since Jim is my boss, I’m going to go by what he says.

Hold against = مسئله ای را توی دل خود نگه داشتن

Ten years ago I got a promotion that Ned thought he deserved, and he’s held it against me ever since.

Leave…. behind = پشت سر گذاشتن

The explores left the mountains behind and entered the jungle.

Rat race = کار شاق و بی انتها

Get one down =خسته کردن – افسرده کردن

At the end of one’s rope = آخر خط رسیدن و خسته شدن

Come apart at the seams = از هم پاشیدن – بریدن – از دست دادن کنترل

Get cold feet = در آخرین لحظه ترسیدن – از دست دادن اعتماد به نفس

Dead-end job = کار بدون آینده

Kick the bucket = مردن

Sell one self short = خود را دست کم گرفتن

Talk turkey = جدی صحبت کردن

Sarah: This rat race is getting me down. I’m at the end of my rope.

Zachary: Don’t come apart at the seams. Look for another job.

Sarah: I always get cold feet. I’ll be in this dead-end job ‘til I kick the bucket.

Zachary: Don’t sell yourself short. Maybe your boss will give you a promotion. Tell him you want to talk turkey.

سارا: این کار طاقت فرسا پدر منو درآورده (منو خسته کرده)- دیگه به آخر خط رسیده ام.

ذاکری: از هم نپاش (تسلیم نشو). دنبال یک کار دیگه بگرد.

سارا: من همیشه در آخرین لحظه می ترسم. من توی همین کار بدون آینده می مونم تا وقتی بمیرم.

ذاکری: اینقدر خودت را دست کم نگیر. شاید رئیست بهت ترفیع بده. بهش بگو می خوایی باهاش جدی صحبت کنی.

a) talk turkey     b) came apart at the seams    c) kicked the bucket    
d) rat race     e) cold feet   f) at the end of his rope     g) sell yourself short   
h) dead-end job     i) getting me down

1. I was going to jump from an airplane with a parachute, but I got………..

2. All he does is work, work, work, spend, spend, and spend. His life is a……………

3. He lived to be 100 years old, then him………….

4. If you’re really serious about buying my car, let’s……………..

5. He looked everywhere for a job and he can’t find one. He’s………….

6. Every day we’ve had rain. It’s been……………….

7. He won’t become an executive in that company. He has a………….

8. You’re very smart. You can do that job. You shouldn’t………………..

9. When her husband died, she………………..

1.e    2.d    3.c   4.a   5.f   6.i     7.h    8.g     9.b

Paper trail = مدرک کاغذی

If you’re having a disagreement with one of the clients, never discuss it with him on the phone. Make sure to put everything in writing. That way you’ll have a paper trail.

Pink slip = برگه اخراج

You’re not going to believe this. I walked into the office this morning and the boss handed me my pink slip.