1- Left out = نادیده انگاشته شده

No one talked to Jerry at the party. He just sat in the corner feeling left out.

2- Stick out = بیرون زدن

I cut myself on a nail that was sticking out of the wall.

3- Stick out = بیرون آوردن – دراز کردن

Timmy stuck his tongue out when his mother gave him spinach.

4- Stick out = به تجربه تلخ و کار ناجوری تن دادن و ادامه دادن

College isn’t easy, but if you stick it out, you will be glad you did it.

5- Stick out = کاملاً مشخص و بارز بودن

One thing that really stuck out about him was the strange way he laughed.

6- Blow up = منفجر شدن

Seven people were killed when the building blew up.

1- Jack of all trades = همه کاره – آچار فرانسه

2- Top – notch = عالی – درجه یک

3- Bum = احمق – هالو – آدم بیخودی

4- Down one’s sorrow = مشروب خوردن برای فراموش کردن مشکلات

5- Sleazy = ناجور – کثیف

6- Dive = بار و یا کلوپ شبانه ناجور و بدنام

7- High – brow = آدم با فرهنگ – روشن فکر

8- Tough-break = بدشانسی-  بد اقبالی

9- Hit the skids = بد بیاری آوردن

Chuck: He’s a jack-of-all- trades and top-notch in every one.

Dan: Really? He looks like a bum who’s been drowning his sorrows in sleazy dives.

Chuck: Nope. He’s really a high-brow but he had a couple of tough breaks and hit the skids.

چاک : آدم همه کاره ای است و توی تمام کارها عالیه

دن : جدی می گی. به نظر می رسه آدم بیخودی است که یکسره توی بارهای کلاس پایین و نا جور داره مشروب می 

چاک: نه، آدم روشن فکری است و چند تا بدشانسی آورده و بدبیاری هم آورد

a) tough breaks        b) hit the skids       c) top-notch      d) high-brow     e) sleazy     
f) drown his sorrows     g) jack-of-all-trades      h) bum    i) dive

1. I didn’t realize he was so intelligent. He didn’t appear to be a …………..

2. That’s one of the best organizations in the country. It’s really………………

3. He doesn’t do anything all day long. He’s totally useless. He’s a …………..

4. A lot of unfortunate things have been happening to him lately. 
    It’s too bad he’s had so many ………..

5. At one time he had a lot of money but he lost it in the stock market. 
    After that, he …..

6. I wouldn’t go into that bar to make a phone call. It looks like a ………….

7. He’s been very unhappy lately. I hope he doesn’t start drinking to …….

8. Ask Ed to help you. He can fix anything. He’s a ……………..

9. That used to be a good neighborhood but now you would be disgusted to walk 
     down the street. The area is ………..

1.d    2.c    3.h    4.a    5.b   6.i   7.f    8.g    9.e

1. Wear several different hats= مسئولیت زیاد داشتن ، کوچه و خیابان

Tina can’t afford to pay a lot of employees. That’s why she wears several different hats.

2. Pay cut= ندادن حقوق کارمند / حذف موقتی حقوق ماهانه

The boss is reducing the expenses. I just got a pay cut!