1- Rule out = حذف کردن – از لیست حذف کردن – صرف نظر کردن

The detective interviewed all the suspects and ruled out everyone except the victim’s ex-wife.

2- Clean out = گول زدن و پول کسی را خوردن

A con artist cleaned my grandmother out of $50.000.

3- Clear out = ترک کردن جایی – متفرق شدن

After the police threw tear gas, the crowd cleared out.

4- Empty out = خالی کردن

The police officer told me to empty out my pocked.

5- Fall out = عصبانی و پکر شدن

Alfonso fell out with his sister when he criticized her husband.

6- Go out = خاموش شدن

The camp fire went out during the night.

Behind the 8- ball = توی مخمصه – توی دردسر

Make a dent in = پیش بردن امور – پیشرفت کردن

Buckle down = سخت درس خواندن یا کار کردن

Up in your ears = تا کله توی چیزی بودن – تاخرخره

No bed of roses = سخت – باعث ناراحتی

Off one’s rocker = دیوونه

Watch (mind) one’s P’s and Q’s = به دقت عمل کردن – کاملاً مواظب بودن

Can = اخراج کردن

Chris: I’m behind the 8-ball.

Ben: What did you do wrong now?

Chris: I have so much work. I can’t make a dent in it.

Ben: Maybe if you’d buckle down, you wouldn’t be up to your ears in work.

Chris: My job is no bed of roses and my boss is off his rocker.

Ben: you’d better watch your P’s and Q’s before you get canned.

کریس: توی مخمصه افتاده ام

بن: این دفعه چی شده (چکار کردی)؟

کریس: کلی کار دارم. نمی تونم از پس اش بر بیام

بن: شاید اگر سخت تر کار کنی اینقدر تا خرخره کار نداشته باشی

کریس: کارم خیلی سخته و رئیسم آدم دیونه ایه

بن: بهتره مواظب همه چیز باشی قبل از اینکه اخراج بشی

a) Of your rocker       b) make a dent in       c) up to my ears      d) buckle down      
e) canned     f)mind your P’s and Q’s        g) no bed of roses      h) behind the 8-ball

1. If you’re having dinner with your boss, you have to……………..

2. Every day he took a two-hour lunch. The boss ………………him.

3. Being married to a policeman is……………….

4. He didn’t get his wife a birthday present. He is……………..

5. If you think I’m going to loan you $1.000 to take a vacation, you’re……………………..

6. I’m trying to finish up my work but they keep giving me more. I can’t ………… it.

7. If you want to learn English, you have to…………

8. In the winter, I’m not so busy, but during the summer, I’m……………….. in work.

1 .f       2.e      3.g      4.h     5.a     6.b      7.d     8.c

1- On the job = در حال کار

Todd was caught drinking on the job again. If it happens one more time, he is going to get himself fired.

2- Out of the loop = در جریان نبودن

What happened at the office yesterday? I am out of the loop!