1- Care for = دوست داشتن

Jane doesn’t care for coffee, she prefers tea.

2- Do without = بدون چیزی سر کردن

There is no coffee at home. So today we have to do without it.

3- Look into = تحقیق و بررسی کردن

Maybe leasing a car is something i should look into.

4- Plan on = انتظار داشتن – در نظر داشتن

You should plan on at least two years to finish the master’s degree program.

5- Put off = به تعویق انداختن

The students begged the teacher to put the test off until the next week.

6- Put off = رنجاندن – دلخور کردن

Everyone was put off by his racist jokes.

1- Fall through = خراب شدن – اشتباه از آب در آمدن

2- Raise Cain= جنجال به پا کردن – قشقرق به راه انداختن

3- Let on = خبر دادن – منتهی شدن

4- Back out of = زیر قرار زدن – زیر قول زدن

5- Have one’s heart set on = دل بستن به چیزی

6- Make it up to someone = جبران کردن

7- Hold a grudge =  به دل گرفتن – دلخور  شدن

Mark: my vacation plans fell through. My wife’s going to raise Cain.

Tony: Don’t let on to her yet. Maybe everything will turn out okay.

Mark: I hope so. I hate to back out of a promise. I know my wife had her heart set on it.

Tony: if you can’t go, make it up to her. She’ll forgive you. She won’t hold a grudge.

مارک : نقشه های تعطیلاتم خراب شدن- زنم حسابی قشقرق راه می اندازه

تونی: بهش هنوز نگو. شاید همه چی درست بشه

مارک : امیدوارم. متنفرم زیر قولم بزنم . می دونم زنم حسابی به این سفر دل بسته (روش حساب کرده).

تونی : اگه نشد بری، جبرانش می کنی. اون تورو می بخشه – به دل نمی گیره (دلخور نمیشه).

a)      Fell through       b) holds a grudge      c) heart set on      d) turn out     e) back out of     f) let on    g) make it up to      h) raised Cain.

1. I have a dentist’s appointment but my tooth feels better now. I think I’ll ………..it.

2. He was going to go to college but his father died. 
    Now he has to go to work and support his family all his plans……….

3. She just found out she was having a baby. She doesn’t want to ……….to anyone yet.

4. I’m sorry I didn’t come home for dinner but I’ll ………………you. next week I’ll take you to a terrific restaurant.

5. She will never speak to her again. She…………..

6. She is very excited about her vacation. She’s had her ………………going to Japan.

7. How did the baseball game…………….?

8. When his teenage son took the family car without permission, the father …………

1.e     2.a    3.f    4.g    5.b    6.c    7.d    8.h

1- Off the record = سری – محرمانه

I am going to tell you something but it is off the record. I saw Bob and  Gina kissing at work today.

2- On the clock = در حال کار کردن – زمانی که درازای آن پول می گیرید

I am not allowed to talk on the phone while I am on the clock. So, I’ll give you a call during my lunch break.