1- Put out = خود را به دردسر انداختن- به خود زحمت دادن

Don’t put yourself out. I can make my own dinner.

2- Put out = ناراحت – آزرده

Maria is put out. The manager thanked everyone who worked on the project except her.

3- Put out = منتشر کردن

Frank Sinatra put out several classic recordings in the 1950.

4- Sort out = جدا کردن – دسته بندی کردن

The mail is sorted out and ready to be delivered.

5- Sort out = مسئله را حل کردن – رفع سوء تعبیر یا اشتباه

Janice was angry with me about last night, but I called her and we sorted everything out.

6- Space out = گیج کردن

This place is really weird. It’s spacing me out.

Murder = دردسر – مصیبت – تجربه سخت

Beat = خسته

Grab 40 winks = چرت زدن

On the go =  در حال رفت و آمد و دویدن

Run ragged = خسته کردن

Rope into = مجبور کردن – فشار آوردن

For the birds = وحشتناک – افتضاح

Pay through the nose = خیلی پول دادن

Take some one for a ride = کلک زدن – فریب دادن

Josh: That trip was murder. I’m beat.

Lucy: Why don’t you grab 40 winks?

Josh: I think I will. I’ve been on the go constantly. They ran us ragged.

Lucy: Did you go sightseeing?

Josh: Yes. We were roped into a tour, but it was for the birds. And we paid through the nose.

Lucy: It sounds like they took you for a ride in more ways than one.

جاش: اون سفر مصیبتی بود. خیلی خسته ام

لوسی: چرا یک چرتی نمی زنی؟

جاش: فکر می کنم این کار را خواهم کرد. حسابی و یکسره در حال دوندگی بودم . ما را حسابی خسته کردند

لوسی: از شهر دیدن کردی؟

جاش: آره مجبور شدم با یک تور بروم. اما افتضاح بود و کلی هم پول دادیم

لوسی: مثل اینکه کم سر شما کلاه نگذاشته اند

a) ran ourselves ragged        b) grab 40 winks       c) pay through the nose    d) murder      e) was taken for a ride      f) beat       g) roped into     h) on the go     i) for the birds

1.  After I eat dinner, I feel sleepy. I like to …………………

2. I didn’t like that movie. It was ……………..

3. I was looking for that toy for a long time. 
    I finally found it even though I had to ……………..

4. I worked so hard today. I’m ……………

5. You can never find her at home. She’s always …………….

6. After he bought a diamond ring, he found out it was only glass. He ………….

7. I’m the only one who works overtime. How did I ever get ………..this?

8. We went shopping today. I’m so tired. We …………………

9. She gets very bad headaches. They are really………………..

1.b      2.i   3.c       4.f    5.h     6.e   7.g   8.a    9.d

1- No brainer = کاری ساده که نیاز به فکر ندارد

I asked Bob to alphabetize my files and he couldn’t even do that. If he can’t do a no-brainer like that, he is going to be in trouble in the professional world.

2- Odd jobs = کارهای متفرقه بدون ارزش زیاد

When you have a moment, I need you to do some odd jobs around the house for me.