1- Come down=افت کردن در چیزی

Hank certainly has come down in life-he lost his job, house, and family because of his gambling problem.

2- Come down= قیمت را پایین آوردن

I won’t buy her car unless she comes down to $ 12.000.

3- Let up = سخت گیری نکردن

Mike’s parents are very strict with him. He is only a boy. They should let up on him.

4- Shake…. Up = ترسانیدن – وحشت زده کردن

I was really shaken up when I learned that my uncle had been killed.

5- Shake…up =  تکان دادن

You have to shake up Italian dressing before you open the bottle.

6- Shake…up =  تغییر اساسی ایجاد کردن – تکان دادن چیزی

People are getting a little lazy around here. It is time to shake things up.

Brain = مغز – آدم نابغه

Stand = تحمل کردن

Rub one the wrong way= اذیت کردن – حال کسی را گرفتن

On the ball = آدم دقیق و کارآمد و لایق

Have one’s feet on the ground = منطقی، ثابت قدم بودن

Keep one’s nose to the grindstone = دنبال دردسر گشتن – سخت کار کردن – حسابی مشغول بودن

Cream of the crop = گل سر سبد – بهترین چیز یا کس از یک گروه

In the bag = صد در صد بودن – قطعی – روشن – مثل روز روشن بودن

Steve: He’s a brain.

Richy: I can’t stand him. He rubs me the wrong way.

Steve: Why? He’s on the ball and has his feet on the ground.

Richy: what we need is someone who keeps his nose to the grindstone.

Steve: I read his application and he is the cream of the crop.

Richy: do you think he’ll get the job?

Steve: Yeah, it’s in the bag.

استیو: اون نابغه است – مخیه

ریچر: من نمی تونم اونو تحمل کنم. حال منو می گیره، اعصابم را خرد می کنه

استیو: چرا؟ آدم دقیقی است و خیلی توی کارش محکم و استواره

(ریچر: چیزی که ما نیاز داریم کسی است که بتونه زیاد کار کنه (دنبال دردسر بگرده

(استیو: من فرم تقاضای اونو خوندم و او بهترینه (گل سر سبد همه است

ریچی: فکر می کنی او این شغل را خواهد گرفت؟

استیو: آره، مثل روز روشنه

a)      In the bag       b) cream of the crop       c) stand       
d) rubs me the wrong way      e) brain       f) feet on the ground      
g) on the ball       h) keep his nose to the grindstone

1. It’s certain that he’s going to win the election. It’s ………………

2. If we’re busy, he’ll never leave work early. He’ll ……………….

3. If you graduate from a top university with good marks, future employers will 
    think you are the ……….

4. He has tremendous know ledge. He is a …………..

5. She is going to be a good wife and mother because she has both……………

6. She knows everything about her job. She’s ……………….

7. Don’t give me liver for dinner. I don’t ………………..it.

8. What an annoying person. She ……………………

1.a      2.h     3.b     4.e      5.f    6.g      7.c      8.d

1- Cush job = کار ساده و آسان

Tim is a movie critic. What a cush job.

2- Work like a dog = مثل سگ کار کردن – سخت کار کردن

Poor Sharon works eighty hours a week. She really works like a dag.