1-Show off = پز دادن

Sally’s boy friend gave her a huge diamond ring, and she showed if off to all her friends.

2- Slow down= آهسته کردن کاری

I was driving pretty fast, but I slowed down after I saw the police car.

3- Stop Over = توقف بین راه مسافرت

David stopped over in London on his flight from New York to Moscow.

4- Stop Over =  سر زدن به کسی

Would you like to stop over after dinner and see our vacation pictures?

5- Trade in = معاوضه کردن (اتومبیل یا یک وسیله کار)

After the twins were born, Jack traded his pick up truck in for a station wagon.

6- Do with = ارتباط داشتن

Don’t blame me for what happened; I had nothing to do with it.

To a T = صد در صد – کاملاً – دقیقاً

Pull some strings = پارتی بازی کردن

One’s hands are tied= دست و پای کسی بسته بودن

Throw one’s weight around = پارتی بازی کردن =- اعمال نفوذ کردن

Big shot = آدم کله گنده

Put in one’s two cents =- نظر دادن – دخالت کردن

Waste one’s breath = وقت خود را هدر کردن – بی خودی بحث کردن – بدون نتیجه صحبت کردن

Make one’s own way= از پس کاری خود برآمدن – روی خود حساب کردن

Bernie: There’s a job opening in my company. It would suit you to a T.

Harold: Could you pull some strings to get me hired?

Bernie: I can’t. My hands are tied.

Harold: Don’t you know anyone who could throw his weight around?

Bernie: What about your brother? He’s a big shot. 
Maybe he could put in his two cents.

Harold: Asking him is wasting my breath. I think I’ll have to make my own way.

(برنی : یک کار توی کمپانی ما وجود داره. کاملاً مناسب تو است (برازنده توست

هارولد: می تونی پارتی بازی کنی که من استخدام بشم؟

برنی: نمی تونم، دست و بالم بسته است.

هارولد: کسی را نمی شناسی که بتونه سفارش منو بکنه (پارتی بازی کنه)؟

برنی: برادرت چی؟ آدم کله گنده ای است. شاید بتونه توی این کار دخالت کنه

هارولد: درخواست از او وقت هدر کردنه، فکر کنم مجبور شم خودم از پس این کار بر بیام

a)throw his weight around     b) make his own way     c)my hands are tied      d) to a T     e) pull some strings      f) put in his two cents       g) wasting your breath      h) big shot

1. He always has something to say. No one asked him to ………………..

2. He had no help from anyone. He had to ……………

3. He has a lot of money and influence. He’s a …………..

4- You want Japanese food? Terrific. That suits me…………….

5- I don’t want to pay that parking ticket. My uncle is a  judge. 
    Maybe he could………………

6- I would like to lend you money but we just bought a house and car………………..

7- He is always showing how important he is. He makes promises to everyone. 
    He likes to ……….

8- When you try to advice teenagers what to do, you are ………….

1. f     2.b     3.h      4.d    5.a/e     6.c     7.a    8.g

1- In the loop = مطلع – در جریان بودن

I will be out of the office for a week, but I would appreciate you keeping me in the loop.

2- It’s a jungle out there = رقابت زیاد وجود داشتن

It’s very hard for a new-small company to become successful. It is a jungle out there .