1- Make up = کلاسی یا درسی را جبران کردن

Karen asked the teacher about making up the class/ test that she had missed.

2- Make up =  مواد و لوازم آرایشی

Mary’s father thinks she wears too much make-up.

3- Made up = کسی که روی صورتش آرایشی وجود داشته باشد – با آرایش

Did you see Lydia? She is really beautiful when she is all made up.

4- Make up = آشتی کردن

Mr. Baker said he won’t make up with his wife until she apologizes.

5- Stay out =  بیرون ماندن – دور ماندن از چیزی

This fight doesn’t involve you, so stay out.

6- Watch out = مواظب بودن

Watch out when you’re crossing the street.

Think up = (فکری) چیزی به سر کسی زدن- فکری به مغز کسی خطور کردن ، اختراع و خلق کردن

Brainstorm = فکر وایده ناب و هوشیارانه

Take the plunge = کار اساسی کردن

Try something out = کاری را امتحان کردن

Jump the gun = بی گدار به آب زدن – زودتر از موعد شروع کردن – با عجله شروع کردن

Kick something around = روی چیزی فکر کردن و مطالعه کردن

Take over (charge) = کاری را انجام دادن – کنترل چیزی را به دست گرفتن

Get off the around = پیشرفت کردن – خوب پیش رفتن

Pete: He thought up a great idea for a new product.

Luke: Maybe with this brainstorm, he’ll take the plunge and start his own business.

Pete: I think he wants to try his idea out for a while. He doesn’t want to jump the gun.

Luke: He should kick it around a while but it won’t work unless he can take over.

Pete: Well, so far none of his plans have managed to get off the ground.

پیت: یک فکر عالی به کله اش زده برای یک محصول جدید.

لوک: شاید با این ایده (فکر) عالی یک کار اساسی بکنه و یک کاری رو شروع کنه.

پیت: فکر کنم می خواد این کار را برای مدتی امتحان کنه. نمی خواد بی گدار به آب بزنه.

لوک: او باید یه مدتی روی این مسئله فکر و تحقیق کنه اما بالاخره اتفاقی نمی افته مگر اینکه کاری را شروع کنه ((انجام بده

پیت: خب، تا حالا هیچ کدام از نقشه هاش خوب پیش نرفته (مالی از آب در نیامده).

a)kick it around          b)brainstorm     c)jump the gun     d) get off the ground
e) thought it up     f) try it out     g) take the plunge     h) takes over

1. When the President dies, the Vice-president………………..

2. That’s very smart. Who………………….?

3. Before you buy that car,…………………?

4. Michael isn’t making too much money now.
    He’s waiting for his new business to………….

5. Whose great idea was it to have a surprise party? What a…………..

6. You’ll need more facts before you go into business. Don’t………………

7. I always wanted to own a jewelry store. I think this year I’ll……………..

8. The boss didn’t want to make the decision by himself.
    He wanted to …………… with his employees first.

a. h     2.e       3.f     4.d    5.b    6.c     7.g     8.a

1- Pay hike = ترفیح – اضافه حقوق

My boss just gave me a pay hike. Starting next week, I’ll make twice as much as
I do now.

2- Knock off =  ترک کردن و رفتن از جایی

I’m going to knock off early today because I’ve finished all my assignments.