1- hold out= دست دراز کردن

Maybe Mr. Young is mad at me. I held out my hand, but he didn’t shake it.

2- hold out=دوام آوردن

The beer held out until the end of the party, but we didn’t have enough wine.

3- make-up = چیزی را از خود در آوردن

My son asked me to make up a story about monsters.

4- made up = جعلی – الکی

There is no truth of any of this. It’s just a made up story.

5- make – up = تشکیل دادن

Children under fifteen make up 50 percent of the population.

6- Make up one’s mind= انتخاب کردن و تصمیم گرفتن

I like both the blue dress and the red dress. I can’t make up my mind.

In seventh heaven=تو آسمان هفتم = خیلی خوشحال

Have one’s head in the clouds= توی هپروت بودن – خیالبافی کردن

Make a hit = از پس چیزی بر آمدن – موفق شدن

Knock one dead= میخکوب کردن – متعحب کردن – حسابی تاثیر گذاشتن روی کسی

Mean business = جدی بودن

Hand it to someone = به کسی بارک الله گفتن – چیزی حق کسی بودن

Stick to one’s guns = 
روی حرف خود ایستادن – از عقیده خوددفاع کردن حتی در مقابل عکس العمل بد و نامناسب

Pan out = به خیر گذشتن – خوب از آب درآمدن

Keep one’s fingers crossed= دعا کردن – آرزوی موفقیت کردن

Lee: I’m in seventh heaven.

Kelly: I noticed your head was in the clouds.

Lee: I think I made a hit with the boss. My idea knocked him dead. Now he knows I mean business.

Kelly: I have to hand it to you. You stuck to your guns and everything panned out.

Lee: I’m glad I kept my fingers crossed.

لی: خیلی خوشحالم

کلی: دیدم (متوجه شدم) توی هپروت بودی

لی: فکر می کنم بالاخره از پس رئیس بر آمدم. ایده من او را میخکوب کرد. حالا می دونه که من جدی هستم

(کلی: باید به تو بارک الله گفت (حقت بود). تو روی حرفت وایستادی و همه چیز به خیر گذشت. (خوب از آب دراومد

لی: خوشحالم که خیلی برای این کار دعا کردم

a)head is in the clouds     b)stick to your guns      c)in seventh heaven      
d)means business      e)kept his fingers crossed     f)have to hand it to him      
g) knocked the guys dead     h) made a hit     i)pan out

1. He didn’t think he’d pass that examination, so he………………

2. When he discovered he received an excellent grade on the examination, 
     he was………..

3. She had company for dinner and served lobster. It………………

4. She’s in love and her……………

5. She looked beautiful at the party and……………..

6. He made a million dollars on a small investment. You…………..

7. You didn’t get the promotion? I’m sorry things didn’t……………….

8. If you believe in something, it’s necessary to……………….

9. I see he’s ambitious. You can tell by his attitude him………………….

1.e     2.c    3.h    4.a    5.g    6.f    7.i    8.b    9.d

1- Land a job =  کارگیر آوردن

I just landed a job as director for a new TV show! I am so excited.

2- Perks = مزایای شغلی

My new job has great perks. I get four weeks of vacation, medical insurance, 
and a car.