1- Crack down= سخت گیری

The FBI is planning a major crackdown on organized crime.

2- Cut down someone to size= کسی را گوشمالی دادن – شخصیت کسی را خرد کردن

Hank thinks he is a tough guy. Someone ought to cut him down to size.

3- Cut down (on) = کمتر مصرف کردن – کم کردن

If you can’t quit smoking, you should at least cut down on cigarettes.

4- Drop out =  ترک کردن تحصیل و یا مدرسه

The program is very difficult and about 70 percent of the students drop out.

5- Get away= از خطر فرار کردن

When he took the knife out of his pocket, I got away from him fast.

6- Get away with = جان سالم بدر بردن – قسر در رفتن

Pep talk= حرف جدی زدن – اتمام حجت کردن

Shape up= مواظب رفتار خودن بودن

Pink slip = جریمه شدن – جریمه – اخراج

Get around to = بالاخره کاری را انجام دادن

In someone’s shoes = جای کسی بودن

Let it ride = کاری را به همان حال رها کردن

Off the record = حرف محرمانه – بین دو نفر موندن

Clamp down = جدی برخورد کردن – سخت گرفتن به کسی

Gung ho = مشتاق – علاقه مند

George: He gave them a pep talk and told them they better shape up or they’ll get a pink slip.

Fred: I knew he’d get around to it. If you were in his shoes, you wouldn’t have let it ride.

George: Off the record, I’m glad he clamped down on them. How are things now?

Fred: Everyone’s gung ho.

جرج: باهاشون جدی حرف زد (اتمام حجت کرد) و بهشون گفت بهتره مواظب رفتارشون باشند و الا جریمه می شوند

فرد: می دونستم بالاخره این کار را می کند. اگه تو هم جای او بودی این مسئله را رها نمی کردی

جرج: بین خودمون باشه ، من خوشحالم او با آنها جدی برخورد کرد. حالا اوضاع چطوره؟

(فرد: حالا همه مشتاق و جدی  هستند ( کار می کنند

a)get around to       b) in his shoes     c) shape up    d) pep talk     e) pink slip     
f) let it ride     g) gung ho      h) clamp down      i) off the record

1. He was not a good employee and they decided to let him go. He got his…………

2. They are very enthusiastic about the project. It is a good sign when 
    everyone is…………..

3. He takes two-hour lunch breaks and leaves work early. I think he is going to 
    have to……

4. You cannot pass judgment on someone else unless you put yourself…………

5. The students aren’t doing their homework. I think the teacher will have to………

6. I haven’t written that letter yet. I’ll ……………it.

7. There’s no enthusiasm in this group. I think we’re going to need a…………..

8. Don’t say anything to him right now. I don’t want to hurt his feelings……………

9. Don’t tell anyone. Keep this………………….

To moonlight= کار دوم داشتن – مخصوصاً طرف بعد از ظهر

After my day job, I moonlight as a nurse to make extra money.

Head hunter = شغل یاب – کسی که کار پیدا می کند

A head hunter just called and offered me a great job.