1- End up =به جایی یا چیزی منتهی شدن – ختم شدن به

A hurricane was approaching Florida, so we ended up coming home from our 
vacation early.

2- End up= از جایی سر در آوردن

The taxi driver didn’t understand me, and we ended up in Newark instead of New York.

3- Go around = چیزی را دور زدن و اجتناب کردن از چیزی

There was some broken glass in the street, but I went around it.

4- Go around = چرخیدن – گشتن

I was so embarrassed. I went around all day with my zipper open.

5- Go around = شایع شدن

He probably has the flu, it has been going around.

6- Go off = زنگ زدن – در رفتن (گلوله) منفجر شدن

The terrorists were killed when the bomb went off accidentally.

Down and out = بی پول – آس و پاس

Hand to mouth = (بی پول – آس و پاس – دست به دهن بودن (ماندن

Pinch pennies = زیادی صرفه جویی کردن – گدا بازی در آوردن

Turn to = رو زدن به کسی برای کمک – کمک خواستن

When the chips are down = در شرایط بد – توی بی پولی و مشکلات بودن

Hand out = صدقه – صدقه سری

Mooch = خواستن – گدایی کردن

Sit tight = صبر و تحمل کردن با شکیبایی

Get out from under = از توی مشکلات و بدبختی در آمدن – پایان یافتن مشکلات

Tom: I can’t believe I’m down and out, I’m living hand to mouth and pinching pennies.

Pat: you can always turn to me when the chips are down.

Tom: I don’t want any handouts. I don’t mooch off anyone.

Pat: just sit tight. You’ll get out from under.

تام : باورم نمی شه آس و پاس شدم. دست به دهن ماندم و با گدا بازی (صرفه جویی زیاد) زندگی می کنم

(پت: همیشه وقتی اوضاعت خرابه (بی پولی) می تونی به من رجوع کنی (روبزنی

تام: من صدقه سری نمی خوام. من از هیچ کس گدایی نمی کنم.

(پت: فقط صبر و تحمل داشته باش. بزودی مشکلاتت حل می شه. (اوضاعت جور می شه

a)get out from under      b) turn to      c)mooch      d) sit tight     e)down and out    
f)hand to mouth     g) pinching pennies    h) when the chips are down      i) handout

1. It’s terrible to see those old men on a corner asking people for a …………

2. He lost his job last week and now his family is living……………

3. Someday he wants his own business so now he’s saving and ………………

4. She needs money. Her parents are the only ones she can…………….

5. You only know your true friends ……………….

6. He used to be very successful, but he gambled it away. Now he’s ………….

7. He never buys his own cigarettes but he’ll ……………from everyone else.

8. If you work hard enough in that company someday you’ll be an executive. 
   Just ……………

9. I know you have a lot of bills but with your new raise. 
    You should be able to ……………

1.i      2.f      3.g      4.b   5.h    6.e    7.c    8.d     9.a

1-elbow grease = کار اضافی – مایه بیشتر گذاشتن

You’ll never get your car clean like that. You need to apply more elbow grease.

2- fence-mending = دوباره ارتباط برقرار کردن – آشتی کردن

Our company has never had a good relationship with Wright printing. I think it is time to do some fence-mending because we are going to need their services soon.