1- Get…. off= مرخصی رفتن

Pregnant women usually get three months off with pay.

2- Get off = پایان دادن به کار

Sally said she wouldn’t get off work until 6:00.

3- Get… off = قسر در رفتن

He killed four people, but he got off with only 3 years in jail.

4- Get off the phone= مکالمه تلفنی را قطع کردن

Get off the phone-I need to use it.

5- Go beyond=از حدی فرا رفتن

Did you say Jackson’s new book is good? I think it goes beyond good.
It is fantastic.

6- Line up = تعبیه کردن – در نظر گرفتن – تهیه کردن

I couldn’t line a clown up for Susi’s birthday party.

A-1 = درجه یک – بیست – عالی – معرکه

Set one back = خرج برداشتن – آب خوردن

An arm and a leg=پول هنگفت – پول زیاد

In the market for =دنبال چیزی بودن – گشتن

For the time being = فعلا- در حال حاضر

Jalopy= ماشین کهنه – ابوطیاره یا لگن … ماشین قراضه

In a pinch=از هیچ چی بهتر بودن

Grand = هزار دلار

That ain’t hay! = این کلی پوله – پول علف خرس نیست

Diane: That car is in A-1 condition, but it would cost an arm and a leg.

Tina: I didn’t know you were in the market for another car.

Diane: I’m thinking about it, but for the time being, i’ll use this jalopy. It’ll do in a pinch.

Tina: I’m sure a new one will set you back 10 grand. That ain’t hay!

دایان: این ماشین نمره اش بیسته اما خیلی گرونه.

تینا: نمی دونستم دنبال ماشین دیگه ای می گردی.

دایان: دارم درباره اش فکر می کنم اما فعلاً از همین ابوطیاره استفاده می کنم. از هیچ چی بهتره

(تینا: مطمئنم یه ماشین نو برات ده هزار دلار آب می خوره. پول کمی نیست .(پول علف خرس نیست

a)in the market for    b) for the time being    c)in a pinch    d) that ain’t hay
e) grand    f) set me back     g) an arm and a let    h) jalopy     i) A-1

1. I exercise every day and I’m in ………… shape.

2. I finally bought a fur coat but it ……………$3,000.

3. A gold watch costs……………………..

4. Newlyweds* are usually ……………….a new house.

5. It’s not time for dinner and I’m hungry. ……………….I’ll just have a candy bar.

6. When a teenager buys a car, he usually can only afford a………………..

7. If you don’t have a needle to sew something together, a safety* pin will

8. It will cost you more than one…………….. to fly to Australia. You have to admit.

1.i   2.f   3.g    4.a   5.b   6.h     7.c    8.e

* Newlyweds = تازه عروس و داماد

* Safety pin = سنجاق قفلی

Desk jockey = کارمند پشت میز نشین

I am tired of being a desk jockey. I want to find a job where I can be more active.

Do a sell job on someone = چیزی را به زور و کلک به کسی فروختن و چیزی را انداختن

I can’t believe you bought the first car you saw. The salesperson must have done
a sell job on you.