1- Lined up= تهیه شده – در نظر گرفته شده

Don’t worry about the show, everything is lined up.

2- Stand around = ول گشتن- علاف بودن – بیکار ایستادن

The manager told me to stop standing around and get to work.

3- Tell apart= تشخیص دادن

The twins are identical; no one can tell them apart.

4- Aim…. At= نشان گرفتن اسلحه

The robber aimed the gun right at my head.

5- Aim … at=نشان رفتن – متوجه کسی یا چیزی بودن

The candidate’s speech was aimed at female voters.

6- Bring back = برگرداندن – دوباره مد کردن (چیزی)

Every few years’ designers try to bring miniskirt  back.

Squawk about= نالان بودن از چیزی

Nest egg = پول اضافی پس انداز شده – پس انداز

Salt away=پس انداز کردن – کنار گذاشتن برای روز مبادا

Keep up with the Joneses = چشم و هم چشمی کردن – تقلید از دیگران

On one’s shoulder = مسئولیت داشتن – بار روی شانه داشتن

On pins and needles = عصبی بودن – توی هول و ولا بودن – نگران بودن

Bank on = حساب کردن روز چیزی

Make a killing = ناگهان پول دار شدن

Stan: he’s always squawking about money.

Jim: If he had a nest egg, he wouldn’t have to worry.

Stan: it’s difficult to salt away money today.

Jim: that’s true. And he tries to keep up with the Joneses.

Stan: Not really. He tries to save, but the family expenses are on his shoulders. 
That’s why he’s on pins and needles.

Jim: Why doesn’t he play the lottery?

Stan: Because he can bank on the fact that he’s not going to make a killing that way.

استن: همه اش (یکسره) از بی پولی ناله می کند.

جیم: اگه یه کمی پس انداز داشت، اینقدر نگران نمی بود.

استن: نه واقعاً – او سعی می کنه پس انداز کنه اما بار مخارج خانواده روی دوش اونه – به این دلیله که همه اش    
(تویهول و ولاست (عصبیه

جیم : چرا بلیط لاتاری نمی خره؟

استن: چون باورش نمی شه (نمی تونه روی این حساب کنه) که اونجوری ناگهان پولدار بشه

a) salts away    b)keep up with the Joneses   c) made a killing    d) squawks about    
e) nest egg    f) bank on   g) on his shoulders     h) on pins and needles

1. Anybody who goes into the army ……………the food.

2. When you retire at 65 years old, it’s good to have a ………

3. He wants a new car, so every week he ………..some money.

4. He’s getting married tomorrow. He’s …………….

5. Many years ago, he bought stock at $ 10 a share. It’s now worth $1,000 a share. 
    He sold it and ………….

6. The cost of real estate will go much higher. You can…………..that.

7. If his neighbour gets a new car, he does too. He thinks he has to ……………..

8. Any president has the problems of his country……………

1.d     2.e     3.a     4.h      5.c      6.f       7.b       8.9

1- Do something by the book =دقیق عمل کردن – ملا لغتی بودن

My old boss used to let us take a little over an hour for lunch every day. My new boss is the opposite. She does everything by the book. We get one hour for lunch and that’s it.

2- Dog eat dog world= قانون جنگل

In business, it is a dog eat dog world. That’s why you have to be aggressive.