1- Head into= به طرف جایی رفتن

I almost had an accident as I was heading into downtown.

2- Rip…. up = ریز ریز کردن – پاره کردن

Always rip up a check before you put it in the wastebasket.

3- Ripped up = پاره شده

After the kids opened their Christmas presents, the floor was covered with 
ripped up papers.

4- Wear… down = کسی را به اجبار و تدریجاً وادار کردن به کاری

He wouldn’t tell me the answer, but I wore him down little by little.

5- Figure on = انتظار داشتن – برنامه ریزی کردن برای چیزی

I didn’t figure on such cold weather. I wish I’d brought a coat.

6- Get off= جدا کردن – کندن – باز کردن

I can’t got this paint off my hands.

1- To caught short = (کم آوردن (مخصوصاً پول

2-  Burrn a hole in one’s pocket = سریع خرج شدن پول

3-  Feel sorry for = دلسوزی کردن برای کسی – متاسف بودن

4-  Tighten one’s belt = کمتر خرج کردن – صرفه جویی کردن

5-  To do without = بدون چیزی سر کردن

6-  To get along = با چیزی کنار آمدن – از پس چپزی بر آمدن

7-  To brown bag = از خانه غذا آوردن

8-  In the chips = پول زیاد داشتن – خوب بودن وضعیت مادی

Karen: At the end of the week, I’m always caught short.

Joanne: That’s because money burns a hole in your pocket. I don’t feel sorry for you.

Karen: How can I tighten my belt?

Joanne: You’re going to have to do without in order to get along.

Karen: I know. I’ll try brown bagging it. Within a short time I’ll be in the chips again.

کارن : آخر هفته ها همیشه پول کم می آورم

جوآن: چون ولخرجی می کنی (انگار پول جیبتو سوراخ می کنه). من اصلاً دلم برات نمی سوزه

کارن : چه جوری می تونم صرفه جویی کنم؟

(جوآن: باید یه مدت مجبور بشی بدون پول (با پول کم) زندگی کنی تا اینکه بتونی یاد بگیری (باهاش کنار بیای

کارن : آره می دونم، سعی می کنم مدتی از خونه غذا بیارم. در ظرف مدتی کوتاه دوباره وضعم خوب می شه

a) Money burns a hole in her pocket       b) tighten his belt       
c) feel sorry for        d) caught short       e) do without       f) in the chips        
g) brown bag       h) to get along

1.  Sometimes I don’t have enough cake when company* comes over. I’m …..

2.  She studied so hard for that exam but she failed it. I …………… her.

3.  As soon as she gets some money she has to spend it. ………..

4.  Arthur lost his job. He’s going to have to ……………..

5.  I can’t find a new car in my price range. I think I’ll have to …….one.

6.  He has a large family to support. It’s not easy……….on his salary.

7.  He went to work on the holiday but all the restaurants were closed. 
     He had to ……..

8.  His family is very prosperous*. They’re ………………….

  • Company = مهمان          prosperous = موفق ، پولدار

1. d   2.c    3.a    4.b   5.e    6.h    7.g   8.f

1-  Cut out to be something = برای چیزی یا کاری ساخته شدن

I don’t think Rob is cut out to be a doctor. He doesn’t take anything seriously.

2-  Deadwood = آدمی که سرکار درست کار نمی کند – تنبل و تن لش

I don’t know why Tina was never fired from this company. 
Everybody knows she is nothing but deadwood.