1- Go for=امتیاز خاصی داشتن

Sam is not especially good at basketball, but he has one thing going for him. 
He is seven feet tall.

2- Hold off=به تاخیر انداختن

I held off selling our house until our youngest child moved out.

3- Come over=سرزدن به خانه کسی

Would you like to come over tonight?

4- Fall apart=از هم پاشیدن – فرو ریختن – خراب شدن

After five difficult years, their marriage totally fell apart.

5- Get back at= کار بدی را جبران کردن – انتقام گرفتن

She wants to get back at her ex-husband for the way he treated her.

6- Go about=کاری را شروع کردن وادامه دادن

I have no idea how to go about opening a restaurant.

Make a bundle=پول حسابی در آوردن – پول به جیب زدن – بار خود را بستن

Rake it in = پول پارو کردن – پول حسابی در آوردن

Have it make = صد در صد مطمئن بودن به خود – مغرور بودن – غرور ور داشتن ، همه چیز داشتن – 
صاحب همه چیز بودن

Lose one’s shirt =همه چیز را باختن – به روز سیاه نشستن

Hit the ceiling = از کوره در رفتن – عصبانی شدن – جوش آوردن

Take someone to the cleaners = پول کسی را از چنگش در آوردن – لخت کردن

Good sport = آدم با ظرفیت و جنبه در بازی و قمار

Sore loser = آدم کم جنبه در بازی و قمار

Florence: He was in the casino and started to make a bundle. He was really 
raking it in.

George   : I bet he thought he had it made.

Florence: Then he started losing his shirt.

George   : With his temper, he probably hit the ceiling.

Florence: Sure. The casino took him to the cleaners.

George   : Was he a good sport?

Florence: Oh no. He was a sore loser.

فلورانس: او توی کازینو بود و شروع کرد به پول به جیب زدن – واقعاً داشت پول پارو می کرد

جرج : شرط می بندم که ورش داشته بود (غرور) – خیلی به خودش مطمئن بود

فلورانس : آره – بعدش شروع کرد به همه چیزرا باختن

(جرج : با اخلاقی که او داره – احتمالاً از کوره در رفت (جوش آورد

(فلورانس: آره- کازینودارها لختش کردند (همه پولش را گرفتند

جرج : آیا جنبه اش را داشت؟

فلورانس : اوه نه، خیلی بی ظرفیت بود

a) rake it in  b) made a bundle    c) hit the ceiling      d) lost his shirt     e) sore loser    
f) good sport     g) has it made      h) took him to the cleaners

1. He has a terrific wife, lots of money, a good job, a lot of friends. He …….

2. He went to Las Vegas and came back without any money. He ………..

3. When he lost the tennis match, he wouldn’t shake his opponent’s hand. 
    He’s a ………….

4. When his son got a poor grade in school, the father……………

5. When it’s very hot in the summer, ice cream stores …………

6. He bought that stock at $1 a share and sold it ten years later at $100 a share. 
    He ……….

7. Even though he lost, he was happy for the winner because he deserved the    
    prize. He’s a ……..

8. He invested money in a business deal that was bad. They ……………..

1.g     2.d    3.e    4.c     5.a    6.b   7.f     8.h

1- cover for someone=به جای کسی کار کردن – کار کس دیگری را در غیاب او انجام دادن

I need to take my son to his doctor’s appointment. 
Can you cover for me while I am gone?

2- cut back = صرفه جویی و کمتر خرج کردن

Last week we went over budget, so this year we need to cut back.