1- Break up = متفرق شدن – پایان یافتن

The meeting should break up around 3:00.

2- Break up = پایان ارتباط عاشقانه

I was sad to hear that Jim and Nancy had broken up.

3- Break up = خورد کردن – تکه تکه کردن

Sally broke the cookie up before giving it to her baby.

4- Carry out= انجام دادن

The boss was very angry because his orders hadn’t been carried out.

5- Carry….out = حمل کردن و خارج ساختن از جایی

David was so drunk that we had to carry him out of the bar.

6- Carry out = take out = غذایی که در بیرون از رستوران خودره می شود

We usually take carryout food when we go to visit aunt Kathy.

1) Get down to  brass tacks = درباره مطلب مهمی صحبت کردن

2) Game = مشتاق بودن – راضی به کاری بودن – حاضر بودن

3) Dribs and drabs =  کم – اندک – مختصر

4) Nitty – gritty = اصل مطلب – لپ کلام

5) Have something up one’s sleeve = فکری توی سر داشتن

6) Sink one’s teeth into = به کاری چسبیدن – کاری را جدی انجام دادن

7) On the gravy train = نون کسی توی روغن بودن – حسابی پول در آوردن

8) Out of this world= معرکه ، عالی

Terry: Let’s get down to brass tacks.

Marty: I’m game. I don’t want to hear about this project in dribs and drabs. Let’s get to the nitty-gritty.

Terry: I don’t know what you have up your sleeve now, but your last idea was out of this world.

Marty: If we sink our teeth into the next project, we’ll be on the gravy train.

تری: بیا بپردازیم به کار اصلی – بریم سر اصل مطلب.

(مارتی: من حاضرم. نمی خوام درباره این پروژه فقط مختصر بدونم. اصل کاری را برایم بگو (لب کلام را بگو

تری: من نمی دونم چه خیالی تو کله ات هست (توی سرته) اما ایده آخر تو معرکه بود.

(مارتی: اگه حسابی به این پروژه بچسبیم (جدی کار کنیم)، نونمون توی روغنه (حسابی پولدار می شیم

a) Nitty-gritty        b) sink your teeth into     c) out of this world      d)I’m game     
e) on the gravy train     f) in dribs and drabs       g) has up his sleeve     
h) get down to brass tacks

1. You want to make plans to go to Japan next year. Okay,……………..

2. Stop talking on the phone. We have to discuss business. Let’s ………..

3. Tell me all about the party now. I don’t want to hear it ……………….

4. Tell me what’s really bothering you. Let’s get down to the …………………

5. He’s planning something special. They have been talking secretly for hours. 
    I’d like to know what he …………….

6. That dinner was delicious. It was ……………………

7. When recording artists sell a million records, they are ………………….

8. If you’re going to pass that course, you better ………………..those books.

1. d      2. h    3. f     4. a    5. g   6. c    7. e      8. b

1- Lead time = وقت مورد نیاز برای آغاز تا پایان کاری

I’d like to hire you to translate this book into French. How much Lead time do you need?

2- Let someone go =  اخراج کردن

I am going to let you go, Johnson, you’ve arrived late to work twenty times this month.