1- Tear off= کندن – جدا کردن

I tore off a coupon for frozen pizza at the supermarket.

2- Wear off = کم رنگ شدن – کم اثر شدن

The wounded soldier was in great pain after the morphine wore off.

3- Wipe off = تمیز کردن

Wipe the food off your face.

4- Wiped off = تمیز شده

The table doesn’t look wiped off to me. Wipe it off again.

5- Beef-up = قوی تر کردن – تقویت کردن

After the terrorist attack, security was beefed up at the embassy.

6- Break … up = دعوا را جدا کردن

Two students were fighting, and the teacher broke them up.

1- Living high off the hog= لوکس و اشرافی زندگی کردن

2- Strapped = بی پول و درمانده

3- Land on one’s feet = از پس چیزی بر آمدن – سرفراز بیرون آمدن

4- In  there  pitching = در حال دویدن – در حال کار و تلاش

5- Let grass grow under one’s feet = اتلاف وقت کردن – تنبل بودن (منفی)

6- Not so hot = خوب نبودن – مالی نبودن

7- Take a crack at = دست زدن به کاری – کاری را امتحان کردن

8- Sweatshop= جایی که در آنجا سخت کار میکنند و دستمزد کم می گیرند – جهنم دره!!!

9- Slinging hash = گارسن بودن

Grace: Someday you’ll be living high off the hog but right now I know you’re strapped.

Kay:Don’t worry. I’ll land on my feet.

Grace: You’re always in there pitching. You don’t let any grass grow under your feet.

Kay: That’s true. Even if a job’s not so hot, I’ll take a crack at it.

Grace: I know you’ve worked in a sweatshop and now you’re slinging hash.

گریس: یه روزی تو زندگی حسابی خواهی داشت ولی الان می دونم که وضعیت مالیت خرابه.

(کی: نگران نباش، من می تونم از پس این شرایط بر بیام (سربلند بیرون می یام

گریس: تو دائم داری می دوی (تلاش می کنی) نمی زاری کمی جون بگیری

کی : درسته – حتی شغلی که مالی هم نباشه من امتحانش می کنم

!گریس: می دونم. تو توی بد جهنم دره ای کار کرده ای و تازه داری یک گارسن می شی

a)not so hot    b)sweatshop    c)let any grass grow under her feet    d)slinging hash      e)land on his feet    f)take a crack at     g)living high off the hog    h)strapped     
i)in their pitching

1. She has four children, works full-time, and is active in politics. She doesn’t………

2. If you can’t understand that problem, let me ……………….it.

3. Jane helped pay for some of her college expenses by working in a diner…………..

4. I know it’s not easy getting a job. At least you are…………………

5. Even though he’s having a difficult time financially, he will work it out and …………

6. Before they won the lottery, they didn’t have much money. 
    Now they are………….

7. His wife just had a baby. I wouldn’t ask him to lend me money now. 
    He’s probably ……..

8. They told me the new restaurant had delicious food but the place is really .……….

9.  When he first came to this country, he found it difficult getting a job. 
     He took a job in a factory where the conditions were poor. It was a ……………

1.c        2.f      3.d     4.i      5.e     6.g     7.h     8.a     9.b

1-knock on doors= دنبال کار گشتن

After knocking on doors for a week, I still can’t find a job.

2-know the ropes = از تمام امور سر در آوردن

I don’t know the ropes. I’ve been working here for a week