1- Heat….up= نرم کردن

Waiter, this soup is cold. Would you heat it up for me?

2- Pay ….up = کاملاً چیزی را پرداخت کردن ، مخصوصاً با فشار

A guy from the collection agency called and told me I’d better pay up.

3- Plug up = باعث گرفتگی شدن – مسدود کردن – بتن

Don’t pour bacon grease in the sink, it will plug up the drain.

4- Plugged up = مسدود – گرفته

Call the plumber, the sink’s plugged up.

5- Wipe up = پاک کردن سطح چیزی – یا پاک کردن مایعی از روی چیزی

Susie spilled the milk, and her mother told her to wipe it up.

6- Crack down= سخت گیری کردن

The students have been coming to class later and later every day. It is time to start cracking down.

Out of the blue = به طور غیر منتظره – ناگهان

On a shoestring = با حداقل پول – با هیچ چی

Feather in one’s cap = باعث افتخار و مباهات بودن

Take a beating = پول از دست دادن

Strike while the iron is hot = از موقعیت استفاده کردن – تا تنور گرممه چسباندن

Wind up =  ختم کردن – پایان یافتن – ختم شدن

Well – heeled =  مایه دار – پول دار

Through the mill =  سختی کشیدن

Mike: Out of the blue, he opened up a business on a shoestring.

Erik: That’s a feather in his cap.

Mike: I hope he doesn’t take a beating.

Eric: I don’t think so. He struck while the iron was hot.

Mike: He’ll probably wind up being very well-heeled.

Eric: I hope so. He’s been through the mill.

مایک : به طور غیر منتظره و ناگهان او یک کار (بیزینس) را با هیچ چی شروع کرد

اریک: خیلی به این مسئله می نازه

(مایک : امیدوارم که بد نیاره (پولش را از دست نده

(اریک: فکر نمی کنم، از موقعیت خوب استفاده کرد (تا تنور گرم بود چسباند

(مایک: احتمالاً آدم پولداری خواهد شد (کارش به پول دار شدن ختم خواهد شد

اریک : امیدوارم – خیلی سختی کشیده

a)strike while the iron is hot    b)took a beating     c)a feather in your cap   d)out of the blue    e)well-heeled     f)wind up    g) through the mill         h) on a shoestring

1. You need a lot of capital to open up a business today. No longer can you do it……..

2. She’s had a difficult life. She’s been…………….

3. He was always such a happy child. Now that he’s a man, how did he…………?

4. Her father can buy anything. He’s………………..

5. Ask him for money on payday. ……………….

6. When you finally get that promotion, it will be……………….. .

7. He bought that stock at $100 a share and sold it at $50 a share. He…………..

8. I didn’t know he was seriously dating a girl. …………….., he told me he was getting 
    married. I was surprised.

1. h     2.g    3.f       4.e       5.a       6.c        7.b        8.d

1- Hired gun = حلال مشکلات

Bret Lewis is the lawyer I was telling you about. He is our new hired gun.

2- Between jobs = بیکار – بدون شغل

I heard you’re between jobs. Is that true?