Keep….to = راز و یا چیزی را پیش خود نگهداشتن

This is a secret, so keep it to you.

Keep up = ادامه دادن

I told you to stop doing that. If you keep it up, I’m going to get angry.

Keep up = خود را به چیزی و یا کسی رساندن

Computer technology is changing so fast. How can anyone keep up with it?

Keep … up = کسی را بیدار نگهداشتن

Ned just would not leave last night; he kept me up until 1:00 in the morning.

Chop… up = تکه تکه کردن

Chop it up into pieces about half an inch in size.

Cross… off = چیزی را از لیست خط زدن

Why was my name crossed off the invitation list?

Track down= دنبال چیزی گشتن

Keep in touch = در ارتباط بودن – ارتباط داشتن

Lose track of someone = رد و نشانی کسی را گم کردن

Come across = تصادفی برخورد کردن با چیزی

Settle down = جا افتادن – زندگی آرام داشن

Tied down= گرفتار بودن

Live it up = زندگی خوب داشتن – خوش گذراندن

In a rut = همان کارهای قبلی را یکسره انجام دادن

Chew the fat = دور هم جمع شدن و گپ زدن


Linda: I’ve been trying to track down some old friends.

Nancy: Haven’t you kept in touch with them?

Linda: No. We lost track of each other.

Nancy: Didn’t you ever come across any of them?

Linda: A few. Some have settled down, some are tied down, some are living it up and others are in a rut.

Nancy: I hope one day you’ll all be able to chew the fat together.

لیندا: من خیلی سعی کرده ام رد دوستان قدیمی را پیدا کنم

نانسی: مگر باهاشون تماس نداشتی؟

لیندا: نه رد همدیگر را گم کرده ایم

نانسی: هیچوقت با هیچکدامشان برخورد نکردی؟

لیندا: یه چند تایی، بعضی ها زندگی شان جا افتاده، بعضی ها گرفتارند، بعضی ها خوش می گذرانند و بعضی ها دچار روز مرگی هستند

نانسی: امیدوارم شماها بتوانید یه روزی دور هم جمع بشین و گپی بزنید

a) track down    b) live it up     c) settled down    d) chew the fat     e) tied down     
 f) come across     g) kept in touch      h) in a rut      i) lost track of them

1. I like to meet old friends and…………….

2. My life is always the same. It never changes. I’m……………..

3. When you have children and dogs and a house, you are……………

4. It’s fun to take a vacation and……………………

5. He was a bachelor for many years, but he found the right girl and……………..

6. When looking at old photographs, you ………………a lot of memories.

7. Whatever happened to my former schoolmates? I……………….

8. She was adopted. Now she wants to ………….her biological parents.

9. I telephoned my former high school friend today. I’m glad we………..

1. d     2.h    3.e    4.b    5.c      6.f    7.i    8.a      9.g

Tied up = بسیار گرفتار و شلوغ

Can you call back in an hour? Mr. Hunter is tied up at the moment.

Walking paper = ورقه اخراج شدن از کار

As soon as I arrived at work this morning, my boss gave me my walking paper. She said that I wasn’t doing a good job and she had no choice.