Twitch Chatbots: A Comprehensive Guide for Streamers

how to set up a chatbot on twitch

This Java powered Twitch Chatbot has a lot of modern features. It provides entertainment and moderation for any streaming channel. It allows you to focus on developing your stream, your game and your viewers.

how to set up a chatbot on twitch

If you’re part of the former group and have been looking online for an easy guide to create such a command, I was you not so long ago. Streamlabs Chatbot is continually evolving, with new features and updates being released regularly. Stay up-to-date with the latest versions and patches to enjoy the most robust and bug-free experience. You’ll be redirected to a webpage where you can grant the necessary permissions. Once authorized, you can close the web page and return to the chatbot application.

How to Setup Streamlabs Chatbot

The best part about building scenes in StreamElements means that they are saved online. You can create overlays and then access them from anywhere. This was the “basic” step-by-step to create a Twitch command script.

how to set up a chatbot on twitch

But that’s all because you can choose overlays, alerts, commands, and several other custom features. With these, stream and manage chats with more convenience. It comes with an outstanding user interface and easy navigation. From customizing alerts and commands to filtering messages and words, the platform will allow you to manage all your chats easily. Without requesting Twitch-specific IRC capabilities, your bot is limited to sending and receiving PRIVMSG messages.

Best Chatbots for Twitch

Day-by-day Twitch is scaling in terms of technology, architecture and level of organization. Auto moderating chat is easy and possible with Xanbot. It is a bot made by a Twitch family member so works seamlessly with Twitch. It is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a Chatbot to moderate their viewers.

Wizebot boasts an impressive number of features, all of which are completely free. Users can even link Twitter posts directly into your Twitch chat, thanks to StreamElements Bot. What’s more, the cloud-based bot is usable from anywhere, with no installation necessary.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about anything else because all you need to manage Twitch chats are available here. Twitch provides an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) interface that lets chatbots connect to Twitch chat rooms using a WebSocket or TCP connection. I am actually coding a bot that sends into a chat the text I send channel.

They rely on a set of if-then statements or decision trees to guide the conversation. On the other hand, AI-powered chatbots utilize machine learning and NLP algorithms to understand and generate human-like responses. With Moobot Assistant you can use chat commands with the push of a keyboard hotkey.

Other Twitch chatbots to consider

This will display your current win rate (first place) on Teamfight Tactics. This will display your current losses (second through eighth place) on Teamfight Tactics. This will display your current wins (first place only) on Teamfight Tactics. This will display your current League Points (LP) on Teamfight Tactics. This will display your current league on Teamfight Tactics.

Command number», where «Command» is the chat command’s name, and «number» the value of the counter. You can use this to allow your Twitch mods to change the chat command’s response, or for easy editing of a command’s response directly from Twitch chat. Moobot will only auto post a chat command once a certain amount of minutes and chat lines have passed. Moobot will now post your chat command to Twitch chat automatically. Your Moobot will then respond with the chat command’s response.

Back to bots that are still currently available to integrate into your Twitch stream, Phantombot will moderate your chat in a highly-customizable way. The bot pushes itself as the most customizable Twitch bot so far, and it looks as though it lives up to that bold claim. OWN3D Pro is a streaming software service that integrates with OBS Studio as a plugin. You’re able to manage your OWN3D Pro account through their online dashboard where you have access to its chatbot, Lyn. With its chatbots, you can find interesting online videos, find out if it’s going to snow tomorrow, automatically receive travel tips every day, and much more. Along with the initial rollout of Kik bots, the company has also invited web-developers to start creating new bots.

  • If each user is using a different bot account, each bot account has its own rate limit (meaning that each user can send 20 messages).
  • I suggest to have “Use Default Blacklist”  turned on.
  • Chatbots can play a crucial role in lead generation and sales.
  • Three must-have timer commands that every streamer needs.

Chatbots for Twitch are not just about moderation, they are also about personalization. Streamers can customize their chatbots to reflect the unique vibe and theme of their channels. One of the most popular ways to do this is through customized commands.


Nightbot is arguably the most user-friendly chatbot on this list. It can be used on both PC and Mac through multiple streaming platforms. Nightbot is cloud-hosted so you can manage it from your browser or console.

  • By reducing response times and improving accessibility, chatbots significantly enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • It offers a range of features like currency system, Giveaways, Dashbaords, Bets, Events and more.
  • In this age of online streamers and content providers, Twitch has created a strong reputation for itself.
  • StreamElements is a featured-packed tool for streamers; it provides cloud-based overlays, a chat bot, stream stats, as well as merch and tipping solutions.

If you don’t, go do it (try from here), and then come back. In this section we will detail on how to get the values required for the config file, and how to use the Bot. The validation of the config is embedded in the readConfig function, which reads the file in the path passed as parameter and returns a Promise for a valid ChatBotConfig. Okay, now that we know what has to be in the config, we should talk about how to integrate those values into the application. In all seriousness this brief description on each config is all you need for now to understand what comes next in this guide, so let’s move on.

how to set up a chatbot on twitch

When you have a chat command that only really applies when you are playing a certain game, you can set it to only be available when you’re playing that game on Twitch. Some uses of this include e.g. showing how many times a chat command has been used, or how many deaths you’ve had in a game you’re streaming. This will display the Twitch username of whoever last updated the response of the chat command.

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