Infinity, a complete IoT and M2M Connectivity Management platform, powered by 6D Technologies, provides end-to-end visibility and control of your IoT assets. For 20 years and counting, our success is credited to investing heavily in our most important asset – our people. Acquisition enhances Accenture’s ability to drive comprehensive transformation across 5G deployment and network operations.

Our dedication to the telecommunication industry is evident in our comprehensive suite of offerings, which touch upon every aspect of CSP operations. From enhancing network management to ensuring data security and compliance, our solutions cater to the diverse and evolving needs of the industry. At 6D Technologies, we have a deep-rooted commitment to revolutionizing the telecommunications industry through our innovative solutions. As a leading provider in this sector, we understand the complexities and challenges that telecommunication service providers (CSPs) face in today’s dynamic market.


The comprehensive cloud-based service and application suite allows secure communications and collaboration between internal and external users. The customizable offering is ideal for enterprises and public businesses that have a network of branches, satellite offices and remote workers. Our market-proven framework, design patterns, virtualized components, and accelerators help telecom operators transition while reducing time-to-market and optimizing cost. For example, Primary Reference Clock
(PRC) ST1 applications are provided by adding any of the TimeSource® products, or the DCD-LPR (Local Primary Reference) system to the input of the DCD-523 Multi-Reference Controller (MRC). Or, for slave clock applications, the DCD-523 can be equipped with a variety of clocks, including the ST2E,TNC, and ST3E, with outputs in any timing signal format. Inputs and outputs to and from the system can be provisioned, alarms and status can be retrieved, and performance data collected can be downloaded to analyze network performance.

  • These solutions also enhance the robustness of Telecom Network Infrastructure, ensuring connectivity, and service reliability, ultimately contributing to operational excellence in the telecom industry.
  • The revenue per device is very small but the volume of devices is growing at such a tremendous rate that there is a notable impact on revenue.
  • Access a team of telecom experts who provide guidance, quick resolution, and assistance to optimize your telecom expenses.
  • Our path in Slovakia is pawed by long term partnerships with successful global clients.

We utilize the power of technologies like SD-WAN along with the experience of Deutsche Telekom to create a solution that works for you. With robust end-to-end solutions designed to accelerate your digital transformation, you won’t just future-proof your business, you will strengthen it. With its AI-driven capabilities, the suite not only ensures efficient financial management but also facilitates informed decision-making for businesses, thereby fostering sustainable growth and development.

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The ST2E improves upon those capabilities and provides fault tolerant clock performance suitable for
PRS applications. A comprehensive cloud-based service and application suite from Deutsche Telekom which allows secure communications and collaboration between internal and external users. Growing business demands have to be met with new apps, speed, safety challenges, budget limitations and the global need for sustainability.

Individual buildings are supported by a medium voltage (10kV) diesel generator system which is concurrently maintainable. Cooling is delivered to each suite with a concurrently maintainable, N+1 capacity system, utilising a ‘free cooling’ pumped refrigerant system. Located within an established data centre hub to the north west of Frankfurt, Digital Frankfurt – Wilhelm-Fay- Straße – provides a campus of three buildings, totaling 16,700m2 (179,757 sqft ) of net technical space. Our approximately 90 million personal customer contacts in Telekom Service each year are all about clear expectations. Deutsche Telekom invests several billion euros every year in building networks. Your access to this site was blocked by Wordfence, a security provider, who protects sites from malicious activity.

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Today, the team continues to identify cost prevention opportunities through TEM and manages and monitors telecom contracts and services through telecom expense management. 6D Technologies’ IOT/M2M For Telecom is a game-changer in connectivity, allowing telecom companies to provide smart solutions across various industries. This opens up new revenue streams and fosters innovation by enabling the Internet of Things to thrive on telecom networks. Most business owners think of long distance cost savings as the primary benefit of VoIP. Small businesses can realize meaningful long distance and international call savings by migrating to VoIP.

This telecom digital financial platform E-top easily selects the desired denomination and completes the recharge in a few simple steps. The Digital Direction team built an inventory baseline of primary, secondary, and even tertiary circuit connections across the globe. Digital Direction conducted a review of the client’s top 215 global locations, encompassing remote manufacturing, corporate sites, and 6 large data centers.

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The right support is needed to provide the solution to match your resources, goals, and future planning. VoIP can run on any IP network, but for business quality calls, it’s generally recommended that businesses consider a high speed network like a T1 line. Cable and DSL connections often don’t provide enough upstream bandwidth to sustain voice quality. Small businesses should look for a vendor that places an emphasis on voice quality and backs that emphasis up with metrics driven service level agreements (SLAs).

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At that point, our Telecom Management Solutions Team negotiated, contracted, and managed the implementation of backup network sites for all 215 locations. Each building provides six data suites of 1,200m2 (12,916 sqft ) (net space), together with 5,500m2 (59,201 sqft ) of ancillary space including dedicated offices, de-box rooms, test rooms and dedicated plant areas. The facility sits on a substantial site of circa six acres enabling the provision of flexible plant solutions and allocated car parking. A campus power supply of 40MVA allows the provision of a campus total of 27MW of delivered IT power equally divided across the three buildings.

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This comprehensive suite not only caters to the evolving financial needs of consumers but also catalyzes for the digitization of payments and banking services. At Digital Direction, we pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our clients to help them overcome complex challenges in the ever-evolving telecom industry. Beginning in 2015, a manufacturer with over 300 domestic and international locations engaged us to improve efficiencies in their global network. During the initial phase, we laid a strong foundation for conducting a full telecom audit, inventory baseline, and cost-efficiencies project that delivered substantial savings. Soon after we replaced their costly MPLS network with a cost-efficient multifaceted network solution and also began day-to-day telecom management operations.

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We care very deeply about building modern society made of educated and smart people. Lifelong education and conferences, we offer comprehensive methods to learn for everyone. As one of the key players in this area we are happy to be awarded The Best Employer in IT and Telecommunications.


This plot of land, located close to its existing data center campus can support up to 30… Our 24/7 cloud-based platform offers advanced data intelligence, empowering strategic decision-making based on real-time insights digital telecom solutions and analytics. The performance level of each clock exceeds the relevant industry requirements in both locked and holdover modes.The ST3E is specifically designed for new synchronous transmission systems such as SONET.

VoIP traffic simply travels over the internet without any dedicated connection. In fact, individual VoIP packets will take different routes to their destination and be “reassembled” at the recipient site so that they are intelligible. Enhance your collaboration with teams and customers with a full cloud-based phone solution. From a service IT company, we have developed into a company that creates value for customers. Digital Realty plans to extend its operations into Italy and has already purchased land in Rome, the country’s capital. Following the purchase of land in Rome and the subsequent pre-development planning for it, the company announced its entry into the Italian market last week.The ROM1 data cen…

6D Technologies’ Sales and Distribution solutions play a pivotal role in expanding market reach and customer acquisition for telecom providers. These solutions are essential for increasing the telecom provider’s footprint, tapping into new customer segments, and boosting revenue. Infosys Digital Telecom CRM (Digi-Tel) solution is a specialized solution for Telecom Service Providers based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 On Line/On-Premise with pre-built, ready-to-deploy business processes and automation. It offers a holistic solution for customer relationship management, focusing on business productivity, customer experience and actionable insights. The Infosys Digital Telecom CRM Solution is an end to end CRM Solution which offers intelligent features spanning across Single Customer View, Sales force Automation, Order Management, Trouble Ticket Management, Dashboards and more. Key highlights of the solution are customized capability for the Telecom Service Providers across Sales and Service to help Agents to be more effective on Any Device at Any Time.