Beat-up=کهنه – قراضه

My car is an old, beat-up piece of junk.

Carry away=کنترل چیزی از دستتان در رفتن

I was going to make a dozen cupcakes for desert tonight, but I got carried away and ended up making forty.

Kick out= بیرون انداختن

David drank too much and got himself kicked out of the bar.

Lock…up = دستگیر کردن و به زندان انداختن

The police locked Hank up after they caught him shoplifting.

Mix…up = قاطی کردن – چیزی را اشتباه گرفتن

Newborn babies sometimes get mixed up in the hospital.

Mixed up = گیج

Can you help me with my calculus homework? I’m really mixed up.

Boob tube = تلویزیون

One’s last leg = کهنه – فرسوده – آخر کارشه

Haywire= خراب

On the fritz=خوب کار نکردن – خراب بودن

Bite the dust = خراب شدن – از بین رفتن

Fiddle around= دستکاری کردن جهت تعمیر

Doctor up = فعلا درست کردن – موقتی

Kiss something good-bye = غزل خداحافظی را خواندن – وداع کردن

Jessica: Your boob tube is on its last legs. The picture is going haywire.

Andrew: It’s been on the fritz lately. I hope it doesn’t bite the dust before payday.

Jessica: Let me fiddle around with it. Maybe I can doctor it up.

Andrew: Uh oh, I can kiss that goodbye.

جسیکا : تلویزیونت آخر کارشه (خرابه) تصویرش خیلی خرابه

(اندرو: تازگیها خراب شده. امیدوارم قبل از روز حقوق گرفتن (آخر ماه) از بین نره (خراب نشه

جسیکا: بذار من باهاش ور برم (دستکاریش کنم). شاید بتونم موقت درستش کنم

اندرو: آره، پس باید باهاش خداحافظی کنم

a) fiddle around       b) bit the dust      c) on its last legs      d) on the fritz   
e) haywire    f) doctor it up     g) boob tube    h) kiss it goodbye

1. My car is giving me a lot of trouble. I don’t think it can be fixed. It’s……………

2. My meal is ruined. What can I do to…………….?

3. Tonight is going to be very boring. Nothing is on the……………..

4. My child’s toy doesn’t work. I think I’ll………………with it.

5. Nobody cared about my idea to increase business. I guess that idea……………..

6. We had many plans for our vacation but it rained and everything went………..

7. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. If he tries to fix it, you can……………

8. My car didn’t start this morning. The battery is…………………

1. c/d     2.f    3.g     4.a    5.b   6.e    7.h    8.c/d

Big seller = محصول پر فروش

Our new musical pens are really a big seller. Our company is making a fortune.

Blowout sale = حراج بزرگ

Joan’s fashion is having a blowout sale. I just bought a $ 400 dress for $ 50!