Get off on=لذت بردن

Mountain climbing is what I get off on.

Go away = از بین رفتن

I have a pain in my back that never goes away.

Run-around= با صادق نبودن کسی را گیج کردن

Why didn’t you just tell me the truth instead of giving me the run-around?

Stick with = به چیزی و یا کاری چسبیدن و ادامه دادن

I don’t like computers. I’ll stick with writing letters by hand.

Stick…. with = کسی را به کاری وادار کردن

I’m sorry to stick you with all this work, but you’re the only one who can do that.

Break into/in= وارد جایی شدن و دزدی کردن

A thief broke in and stole my TV.

False alarm=هشدار و آژیر اشتباهی و بی خودی

On the rocks = درحال خرابی و جدا شدن

On shaky ground= متزلزل

Split up = جدا شدن

At fault = مقصر

On the same wavelength= همفکر بودن – هم عقیده بودن

Make the best of = از پس چیزی خوب بر آمدن

Work out= مشکل را حل کردن

Hillary: Is it a false alarm or is their marriage really on the rocks?

Sandy: Well, the marriage has been on shaky ground but they haven’t split up yet.

Hillary: I wonder who’s at fault.

Sandy: I don’t know but I don’t think they’re on the same wavelength.

Hillary: If I know her, she’s making the best of it. I hope she works things out.

هیلاری: آیا خبر اشتباهه و یا اینکه واقعاً آنها در زندگی زناشویی شان مشکل دارند؟

سندی: خوب، ازدواج آنها متزلزل بوده ولی هنوز جدا نشده اند

هیلاری: نمی دونم تقصیر با کیه

سندی: نمی دونم ولی می دونم که آبشون با هم توی یک جوی نمی ره

هیلاری: تا جائی که من می دونم او تمام سعی اش را می کنه که از پس این وضعیت بر بیاد. امیدوارم بتونه را ه حلی پیدا کنه

a) making the best of       b) at fault      c) on the same wavelength     d) false alarm     
e) shaky ground     f) split up      g) on the rocks    h) work it out

1. The police thought there was a robbery at the bank but it was a……………

2. He broke his leg and can’t move very well, but he’s cheerful and………it.

3. They’re getting a divorce. I didn’t know their marriage was……………

4. This math problem is hard, but I’m trying to……………….

5. That new government is on…………….

6. They were a very nice couple. I was sorry to hear them……………

7. All the milk is on the floor. Who’s…………….?

8. They didn’t understand each other. They weren’t………….

1.d     2.a   3.g    4.h    5.e   6.f   7.b   8.c

Crash= از کار افتادن کامپیوتر

I was just about to finish my document when the computer crashed! I lost everything I was working on!

Log on = دادن اسم رمز و وارد برنامه ای شدن

I tried to log on this morning, but I couldn’t. I think someone changed my password.