Leave over = باقیمانده

I guess I made too much food, look how much is left over.

Let…. down = به وعده عمل نکردن – روی کسی را زمین انداختن

I really need you to help me more tomorrow. Please don’t let me down.

Pay…. off = قرض یا چیزی را کاملاً پرداخت کردن

It took ten years, but I finally paid off my school loan.

Pay…. off = با پول کسی را خریدن – نوعی رشوه دادن

Don’t expect the police in this city to do something about gambling. They‘re being paid off.

Pay off= پول رشوه

The chief of police was videotaped accepting a payoff.

Pay off = ارزیدن – ارزش چیزی را داشتن – جبران کردن

Medical school is a lot of hard work, but it will pay off some day.

A song and dance= بهانه و ادا و اطوار در آوردن

Stand on one’s own two feet = مستقل بودن – روی پای خود ایستادن

Give it one’s best shot = حداکثر سعی خود را کردن – بهترین تلاش خود را کردن

Shoot full of holes =از چیزی ایراد گرفتن – فاتحه چیزی را خواندن

Up to par = معقول – منطقی

Throw cold water on = دلسرد کردن

Call on the carpet = سرزنش کردن – توبیخ کردن

Crack down = سخت گیری کردن

Smooth something over = اوضاع را مرتب کردن – سر و سامان بخشیدن

Mark: don’t give me a song and dance. It’s time you stood on your own two feet.

Phil: I gave it my best shot but any ideas I’ve had, you’ve shot full of holes.

Mark: Your ideas haven’t been up to par lately. That’s why I’ve thrown cold water on them.

Phil: I’ve been upset because I’ve been called on the carpet. The boss is cracking down.

Mark: I heard. I’ll try to smooth things over.

مارک : بهانه برای من نیار (ادا اطوار در نیار) وقتش هست که روی پای خودت بایستی.

(فیل: من حداکثر تلاشم را کرده ام ول یهر ایده ای من مطرح می کنم، تو ایراد گرفتی (فاتحه اش را خواندی

مارک: ایده های تو منطقی نبوده اند. به این دلیله که من تو را دلسرد کردم

فیل: من حالم گرفته است چون من توبیخ شدم. رئیس خیلی سخت گیری می کنه

مارک: شنیده ام. من سعی می کنم اوضاع را مرتب کنم

a) give it my best shot      b) stand on your own two feet       c) a song and dance     
d) throwing cold water on     e) shot it full of holes     f) up to par      
g)called him on the carpet     h) smooth things over     I) crack down

1. I want you to clean your room and then do your homework. I don’t want to hear………

2. I have a headache and don’t feel ………………..

3. I’ve never done that work before, but give it to me and I’ll……………..

4. She wants to move into her own apartment but her parents are………….. the idea.

5. He is a very poor worker and he’s absent a lot. Yesterday the boss………………..

6. They had a big fight but they’re trying to……………….

7. You can’t be dependent on your family your whole life. You must……………

8. As soon as he presented his project, the boss showed his displeasure and…………..

9. The police are under pressure to ……………..on crime in that neighbourhood.

1 .c    2.f   3.a    4.d   5.g     6.h     7.b     8.e    9.i

Shoo-in = آدمیک ه برنده شدنش قطعی است – آدم مناسب برای کاری خاص

Good luck on your job interview. With all your experience, you are a shoo-in for the job.

Skirt the issue= طفره رفتن

Pat never answered my question. He just kept skirting the issue.