1- Run down = تمام شدن باطری

Don’t leave the car lights on for too long when the car is not running or the battery will run down.

2- Rundown =  خسته – بی انرژی

Maybe I need to go to the doctor. I feel so rundown all the time.

3- Rundown = در شرایط بد – درب و داغون

I went back to my old neighborhood, and I was shocked to see how rundown it had become.

4- Brush ….off = تحویل نگرفتن

My boss just brushes me off when I try to tell her how to increase our profit.

5- Come on =  راه افتادن وسیله ای – شروع کردن و روشن شدن

It was so cold that the heat came on last night.

6- Come on = شروع شدن

Do you know when the news will come on?

Goner= پر مشکل – توی هچل افتاده

Bomb = شکست خوردن – خراب شدن

Go over big = موفق شدن – خوب پیش رفتن

Go up in smoke = دود شدن و به هوا رفتن – ناپدید شدن

From left field = غیر مترقبه

Square one = سر جای اول

Ballpark figure = رقم تقریبی – سر انگشتی

Back to the drawing board = از اول شروع کردن – سرجای اول برگشتن

Andrew: I’m a goner. My new project bombed.

Louis: I thought it would go over big with the boss. Why did it go up in smoke?

Andrew: a problem arose from left field, and now I’m back to square one.

Louis: how much will it cost now? Can you give me a ballpark figure?

Andrew: I won’t know for another week. Meantime, I have to get back to the drawing board.

اندرو: توی هچل افتاده ام. پروژه جدید من خراب شد. شکست خورد.

لوئیس: من فکر می کردم اوضاع با رئیس خوب پیش خواهد رفت. چرا همه چیز خراب شد (ازبین رفت)؟

(اندرو: یک مشکل غیر مترقبه پیش اومد و حالا باید برگردم سر جای اول (سرخونه اول

لوئیس: چقدر برات خرج بر می داره؟ می تونی یک رقم سر انگشتی به من بگی (بدی)؟

اندرو: تا هفته دیگه معلوم می شه. در این مدت باید از اول شروع کنم

a) Up in smoke     b) from left field    c) back to the drawing board     d) bombed      e) goner     f) went over big    g) square one     h) ballpark figure

1. He was going to Europe, but his father got sick. His plans went……………

2. I didn’t study for that exam, and my future depends on it. I’m a………….

3. She made a delicious meal for dinner. It………………

4. We went to see that new play, but nobody likes it. It…………….

5. We were in the middle of a business meeting when ………,  he asked about the weather.

6. Despite all my research, I need a new subject. I’m back to………..

7. How much does it cost to build a house? Give me a…………………..

8. The boss wants new sales plans, so he sent us…………

1.a     2.e      3.f     4.d       5.b      6.g       7.h      8.c

1- Sacked = اخراج شدن

Did you hear the news? Margaret got sacked today because she was caught stealing supplies from the company.

2- Scuttlebutt = غیبت و شایعه در محل کار

So what’s the scuttlebutt about the boss and the new employee?