Stick….to = کسی را عمداً اذیت کردن

She thinks new manager is an idiot, and she likes to stick it to him.

Take…… back = از حرف خود برگشتن و پس گرفتن حرف

I am sorry, that was rude of me. I take it back.

Take….. back = به گذشته برگرداندن

Looking through my high school year book sure takes me back.

Fool around = ول گشتن – علاف بودن

My son is lazy. He spends his time fooling around instead of looking for a job.

Fool around (with) = دور و بر چیزی گشتن

Fooling around with drugs is pretty stupid.

Fool around = رابطه غیر مجاز داشتن با کسی – روی هم ریختن با کسی

Her husband has been fooling around with his secretary, and everyone in town knows it.

With a fine-tooth comb = بسیار با دقت

Knock oneself out = به شدت تلاش کردن

Wing it = از پس چیزی بدون آمادگی قبلی بر آمدن

Sweat bullets = عصبی بودن – خیس عرق شدن

Have a prayer = شانس داشتن

A snap = کار ساده و راحت

Off the top of one’s hat = فی البداهه انجام دادن و گفتن

Blow it = فراموش کردن – خراب کردن

Pull something off = خوب انجام دادن – از پس کاری عالی برآمدن

Cynthia: i looked over this place with a fine-tooth comb. I can’t find the notes for my speech.

Tommy: Don’t knock yourself out looking for them. I’m sure you can wing it.

Cynthia: I don’t know about that. I’m sweating bullets. I don’t have a prayer.

Tommy: It’s a snap. Do it off the top of your head.

Cynthia: I know I’m going to blow it.

Tommy: No you won’t. You can pull it off.

سینتیا: همه جا را با دقت گشتم. یادداشتهای سخنرانی ام را پیدا نمی کنم.

تامی: اینقدر جوش نزن  (تلاش نکن) مطمئنم می تونی از پسش بر بیایی.

سینتیا: نمی دونم. خیلی عصبی هستم. هیچ شانسی ندارم.

تامی: خیلی ساده است. فی البداهه یه چیزی بگو.

سینتیا: مطمئنم که خراب می کنم.

تامی: نه اینطور نیست. تو می تونی این کار را عالی انجام بدی.

a) fine-tooth comb      b) off the top of my head     c) wing it      d) blew it     e) pull it off    f) knocked herself out     g) sweating bullets     h) a snap      i) has a  prayer

1. He’s so nervous. He’s…………….

2. He wasn’t prepared for that job interview. He knew him…………

3. She invited 20 people for dinner and she……………….

4. Somebody robbed him. The detectives went over his apartment with a ………………

5. That teacher is not strict. Getting a good grade in her class is………..

6. I can’t think of his address……………

7. If you’re not prepared, it’s sometimes very difficult to………………..

8. Many other people have tried to win the contest. I hope I can………….

9. She wants to pass the test, but she didn’t study. I don’t think she…………

1.g     2.d     3.f     4.a     5.h      6.b      7.c     8.e     9.i

1- Breadwinner = نان در آر- صاحب درآمد

Ted just got a job. Now we have two breadwinners in the family.

2- Nine- to – five = کار فول تایم ، تمام وقت

I just got my first nine-to-five. Soon I’ll be able to afford a new car.