Do ….over =کاری را دوباره انجام دادن

I got a bad grade on my paper, but the teacher said I could do it over.

Float around = همین دور رو برها بودن

I don’t know where the stapler is, but it is floating around here somewhere.

Float around = پخش شدن (شایعه)

There’s a rumor floating around that the factory is going to be closed.

Put …. up to = کسی را به کار خطرناک، احمقانه یا غیر قانونی وادار کردن

I didn’t think it was a good idea to ask for a raise,  but my wife put me up to it.

Stand for = تحمل کردن

Cruelty to animals is one thing I will never stand for.

Stick around = در جایی که هستی ماندن

Don’t go yet-stick around until Sarah gets here, she would love to see you.

Butt in = دخالت کردن

Louse up = فاتحه چیزی را خواندن – خراب کردن

Iron out = چیزی را درست کردن – راست و ریس کردن

Play it by ear = بر اساس شرایط عمل کردن – منتظر فرصت مناسب بودن

Foot in the door = شروع کردن – امید به شروع خوب داشتن

Handle with kid gloves = با وسواس عمل کردن – بسیار مراقب بودن

Get the brush – off = مورد بی توجهی قرار گرفتن – تحویل نگرفتن – بی محلی کردن

Make sure = مطمئن شدن – چک کردن

Put one’s foot in one’s mouth = خرابکاری کردن – حرف نا مربوط زدن

Don: He butted in and loused up the deal.

Scott: Don’t worry. We’ll iron out the problems. Just play it by ear.

Don: Do you think we’ll still get our foot in the door?

Scott: Only if we handle them with kid gloves. We don’t want to get the brush-off.

Don: I’ll make sure he doesn’t put his foot in his mouth again.

(دان: او باز دخالت کرد و فاتحه معامله را خواند (خراب کرد

اسکات: نگران نباش. ما راست و ریس اش می کنیم. فقط منتظر فرصت باش

دان: آیا فکر می کنی میتونیم دوباره شروع خوبی داشته باشیم؟

اسکات: فقط در صورتی که خیلی با وسواس عمل کنیم. نمی خواهیم به ما بی محلی (بی توجهی) بشه

(دان: بذار مطمئن بشیم که او دوباره خرابکاری نکنه (حرف نا مربوط نزنه- دردسر درست نکنه

a) iron it out      b) play it by ear     c) loused it up     d) handle them with kid gloves     e) the brush-off    f) foot in the door    g) puts his foot in it    h) butt in    i) make sure

1- Before I go out, I …………………. I have my keys and money.

2- They’re very sensitive people. You have to …………….

3- He doesn’t think of what he’s saying and usually………

4- When two people are arguing, you should not………………

5- They had a big fight, but now they want to ………

6- She didn’t want to speak to him, so she gave him…………..

7- She asked me to type the letter for her. I made so many mistakes. I ……..

8- That company won’t give me any business. Maybe if I take their executives out to dinner, I’ll get my …………..

9- I’m not sure we should tell them our plans. We’ll have to …………………….

1.i    2.d    3.g     4.h     5.a   6.e    7.c     8.f    9.b

1- Come on board = استخدام شدن

I came on board at this company 2 years ago.

2- Make cutbacks= صرفه جویی کردن در مخارج

The boss said we need to start cutbacks. From now on, there won’t be any more free coffee in the break room.