Come across=درست تعبیر شدن – جور بودن – خوب از آب در آمدن

a) His American humor didn’t come across well in England.

b) I was just joking, but I don’t think it came across.

Come up = مطرح کردن – مطرح شدن

I don’t agree with Jim about anything, so if politics comes up, I just leave the room.

Come up=پیش آمدن – اتفاق افتادن

I’m sorry I can’t go to your party, something important has come up.

Come up=آمدن – به زودی رخ دادن

Mother’s day is coming up, so I need to buy my mother a gift soon.

Fall through=انجام نشدن – لغو شدن

The family reunion fell through after Dad got sick.

Take one’s hat off to someone=احترام گذاشتن – تشویق کردن

Have two strikes against one = مشکلات پیش رو داشتن

The wrong side of the tracks = منطقه فقیر نشین

Black sheep=بچه پردردسر وغیر خوشنام خانواده

To boot=به علاوه

Come a long way=موفق شدن

Go-getter = جاه طلب و جدی در کار

Have a head on one’s shoulders=باهوش و حساس بودن

Bat a thousand=رکورد خوب داشتن / زدن

Dan: why are you taking your hat off to me?

Frank: Because you succeeded even though you had two strikes against you. You were born on the wrong side of the tracks and you were the black sheep of the family to boot.

Dan: Well, I came a long way mainly because I was a go-getter.

Frank: You also have a head on your shoulders. I’m glad to see you’re batting a thousand.

دن: چرا اینقدر منو تحسین می کنی؟

فرانک: چون که تو موفق شدی علیرغم اینکه دو تا مشکل بزرگ در پیش رو داشتی. تو در محله فقیر بدنیا آمدی و به علاوه بچه پردردسر خانواده بودی

دن: خب من موفق شدم چون که آدم جاه طلب و اهل کاری هستم

فرانک: تو همچنین بسیار باهوش و حساسی. خوشحالم می بینم داری رکورد می زنی و موفق هستی

a) take your hat off to  him     b) has a head on his shoulders     c) go-getter      
d) from the wrong side of the tracks     e) come a long way      f) to boot     
g) has two strikes against him    h) black sheep     i) batting a thousand

1. His brother is a doctor, his sister is a teacher, but he just got sent to jail. 
    He’s the………

2. He’s always busy working. He’s a………..

3. He’s had a crippling disease since childhood but he finished college and 
became a lawyer. You have to………………

4. He can figure out complicated math problems very quickly. He………

5. I was able to win every game today. I’m……………….

6. Bettina was very shy but now she talks with confidence. She’s………………

7. She comes from a wealthy family. Her parents did not want her to marry 

8. He wanted that job but he can’t write well and he’s had little experience.  

9. She’s gaining weight, so I was surprised she ordered macaroni and 
    chocolate ice cream……..

1.h     2.c    3.a    4.b    5.i   6.e   7.d    8.g    9.f

Get/be called on the carpet=توبیخ و سرزنش شدن

I just got called on the carpet for wasting time at work.

To be canned = اخراج شدن

Bob just got canned for stealing money from the company.