1- Drop in (on)= سر زدن ناگهانی به کسی

Sally dropped in on Marsha last night.

2- Flip out = پکر شدن و عصبانی شدن

Bob flipped out when the city doubled his property tax.

3- Look out =  مواظب بودن

Look out for bears when you camp in the mountains.

4- Luck out = اتفاق خوب افتادن – شانس آوردن

I missed my flight, and the plane crashed. I guess I lucked out.

5- Make out a check = نوشتن چک – چک صادر کردن

How should I make this check out?

6- Make out = از پس چیزی بر آمدن

How did you make out on the test yesterday?

A drop out = کسی که درسی را حذف می کند یا قبول نمی شود

Sort of = یک جورایی – تقریباً

Kid around = جدی نگرفتن – تنبلی کردن – علاف بودن – ول گشتن

Get to first base = پیشرفت کردن – شروع خوبی داشتن

Cut out = ترک کردن کاری – حذف کردن

Come through with flying colors = موفق شدن – از کاری سر افراز بیرون آمدن

Miss the boat = موقعیتی را از دست دادن

Take the bull by the horns = جدی پرداختن به چیزی – با مشکلی دست و پنجه نرم کردن

A pat on the back = پاداش – تشویق – جایزه

Jack: were you a drop out?

Hank: Sort of. I kidded around too much. When I saw I wasn’t getting to first base, I cut out.

Jack: Well, you came through with flying colors on this test. You didn’t miss the boat.

Hank: Thanks. I knew I had to take the bull by the horns.

Jack: You deserve a pat on the back.

جک: آیا درس را حذف کردی؟

هنک : تقریباً  (یه جورایی) خیلی تنبلی کردم- وقتی دیدم خوب پیشرفت نمی کنم. درس راحذف کردم

جک: ولی بالاخره از این امتحان سرافراز در اومدی. هیچ فرصتی را از دست ندادی

هنک : متشکرم – می دونستم (فهمیدم) که باید با این مسئله حسابی دست و پنجه نرم کنم

جک: تو سزاوار پاداش هستی

a) came through with flying colors     b) sort of     c) drop out
d) missed the boat     e) get to first base     f) take the bull by the horns      
g) kid around      h) a pat on the back     i) cut out

1. It’s too bad he didn’t finish school. Why was he a …………………?

2. I tried to impress her, but I couldn’t ………………

3. You never tasted turkey? It’s ……………………….like chicken.

4. He studied hard and got all A’s. Give him ……………….. .

5. That class is a lot of fun. They learn English while they ……………………

6. He studied very hard for that exam. When he got his grades, he was happy to
see he …………

7. He needs more money, so he is going to …………………and ask for a raise.

8. If I bought a lot of gold at $35 an ounce, I would have a great deal of money. I …….

9. He didn’t like the party so he …………………….early.

1.c     2.e     3.b     4.h    5.g    6.a      7.f    8.d    9.i

1- Ma – and – pa shop = بیزینس کوچک که توسط زن و شوهر اداره می شود

Our next door neighbors have a ma-and-pa   hat shop in the city.

2- Make a buck = پول در آوردن – امرار معاش کردن

When I first moved to this town, I couldn’t make a buck. Now I am the richest man is the city.