1- Knock Over=کسی یا چیزی را انداختن

The children were playing, and they knocked the lamp over.

2- Lighten up = مهربان بودن – سخت نگرفتن به کسی

You have been criticizing me all day. Will you please lighten up?

3- Lighten ….up = درباره موضوعات بهتر صحبت کردن

Lighten it up – you have been talking about death and taxes all night.

4- Plan ahead= از قبل برنامه ریزی کردن

Janice is a good manager. She always plans ahead in case there’s a problem.

5- Settle for =پایین آوردن انتظار

The strikers wanted an 8 parent pay increase, but they settled for 5 percent.

6- Think up = فکر کردن و راه حل پیدا کردن

I have to think up a way to solve this problem.

Pull someone’s leg = شوخی کردن – دست انداختن

Work one’s fingers to the bone = سخت کار کردن

Give someone a break = به کسی موقعیتی و یا شانسی را دادن

Look up = بهتر شدن اوضاع – بر وفق مراد بودن

Take on = قبول کردن – خود را متعهد کردن

Get in the swing of things = با شرایط جدید خود را وفق دادن

Learn the ropes = ریزه کاریها و چم و خم کار را یاد گرفتن

A breeze = ساده – مثل آب خوردن

Cut out = برای کاری ساخته شدن

Mike: I’m going to get a promotion.

Pam: You’re pulling my leg!

Mike: No. I deserve it. I worked my fingers to the bone.

Pam: I’m glad they gave you a break.

Mike: Finally things are looking up for me. I’m taking on more responsibility.

Pam: Now you have to get in the swing of things and learn the ropes.

Mike: It’ll be a breeze. I’m really cut out for this work.

مایک : قراره یک ترفیع بگیرم .

(پم: شوخی می کنی ( منو دست می اندازی

مایک : نه. من لیاقتش را دارم. خیلی سخت کار کردم

پم: خوشحالم که به تو فرصتی دادند

مایک: بالاخره اوضاع داره خوب پیش می ره . دارم مسئولیت های بیشتری را قبول می کنم

پم: حالا باید خودت را با شرایط جدید وفق بدی و چم و خم کار را یاد بگیری

مایک: مثل آب خوردن می مونه. من برای این کار ساخته شده ام

a)give me a break      b)works his fingers to the bone     c) pulling my leg     
d) cut out     e) looking up      f) learn the ropes        g) get into the swing of things     
h) a breeze       i) took on

1. I started a new job today. Now I have to ……………

2. He loves math and building things. He was ……….to be an engineer.

3. When you move into a new area, it is difficult to ……………….

4. Science is so difficult for you but for me it’s easy. It’s ………………..

5. I have enough money, a good job, a lot of friends. Things are ………… for me.

6. I need this job so badly. I will work very hard and stay overtime. Please …………..

7. I don’t believe you’re getting married next week. You’re ……………..

8. He’s the hardest worker I know. He …………………….

9. She goes to school but she just………………

1.f      2.d     3.g    4.h    5.3   6.a    7.c     8.b    9.i

1- Job opening = موقعیت کاری

I just heard that we have a job opening in my company. 
Are you interested in  applying?

2- Jot something down = سریع یادداشت کردن n

I just remembered I have a doctor’s appointment next Thursday. 
Let me jot it down so I don’t forget.