1- Pick on= ایراد گرفتن – گیر دادن

Susie, you shouldn’t pick on your little brother.

2- Settle down = آرام کردن – آرام بودن

Can’t you settle the children down? All those noise is driving me crazy.

3- Settle down= جا افتادن – صاحب زندگی شدن

Mike had a pretty wild life when he was twenty, but he got married when he was 29 and settled down.

4- Step on = روی چیزی قدم گذاشتن

Sam stepped on a cockroach.

5- Step on= گاز دادن – تندتر رانندگی کردن

Step on it. We have to be at work in ten minutes.

6-Take… out on= ناراحتی خود را سر کسی دیگر خالی کردن

If you’re mad at your boss, you shouldn’t take it out on your wife.

Guy= آدم – مرد – یارو

Eager beaver= علاقه مند – جاه طلب – پر کار – مشتاق به کار

Goof off = تنبل بودن – میل به کار نداشتن

Get ahead= موفق شدن – جلو رفتن

Count on = روی کسی حساب

Crop up = ناگهان پیش آمدن – اتفاق افتادن

Pitch in = کمک کردن

Clack watcher= آدم بی علاقه به شغلش – کسی که همه اش به ساعت نگاه می کند

Mike: That guy is an eager beaver. He never goofs off.

Erick: He really wants to get ahead.

Mike: You can count on him.

Erick: If extra work crops up, he will pitch in.

Mike: He’s not a clock watcher.

مایک : این یارو آدم پر کاری است. هیچوقت تنبلی نمی کنه.

اریک : واقعا می خواد موفق بشه و جلو بره .

مایک : می شه روش حساب کرد.

اریک : اگه کار اضافی پیش بیاد، حتما کمک می کند.

مایک : آدم تنبل و بی علاقه ای نیست.

a) goofs off       b) pitch in      c) cropped up       d) get ahead       e) count on     
f) eager beaver      g) guy    h) clock watcher

1. He studies hard and works late. He really wants to………………

2. He studies hard and works late. He is a……………….

3. He drinks coffee all day long and talks to his girlfriend on the phone. He…………..

4. I need more help around the house. Everyone must…………..

5. I have to stay at work late tonight. Some new work just………….

6. He can’t wait until 5:00 P.M. every day. He’s a…………..

7. If you’re in trouble, you can usually ………. your parents.

8. You don’t have the correct change for the phone? Ask that…………………..

1.d     2.f     3.a     4.b     5.c     6.h    7.e    8.g

1-grunt work= کار سنگین – خر کاری و خرحمالی

My boss asked me to move the furniture from his office to the new bigger office down the hall.

I’ve been doing this grunt work all day and we’ve only half finished.

2- Hatchet man= مسئول اخراج کارمندان

Smith is late again? I guess I’ll have to be the hatchet man and fire him.