1- Hang around= صبر کردن – ماندن

Do you have to go or can you hang around for a while?

2- Hang around = با دیگران وقت صرف کردن – پریدن با کسی

Erik’s mother is worried. She doesn’t like the guys he’s hanging around with.

3- Lie around= دراز کشیدن و هیچ کاری نکردن

Today is my day off, so don’t ask me to do any work. I’m just going to lie around.

4- Stay up = ایستادن – دوام آوردن

The shelf won’t stay up if you put all those books on it.

5- Stay up = شب زنده داری – تا دیر وقت بیدار ماندن

Don’t stay up late- tomorrow is a school day.

6- Look over = نگاه کردن و خواندن

Here is the first chapter of my new book, look it over and tell me what you think.

Nitwit= احمق – کله پوک

Half-baked = احمقانه – خام – نپخته

A piece of cake = آب خوردن – خیلی آسان

One for the books = غیر عادی – عجیب

A cinch = راحت – ساده – آب خوردن

Talk through one’s hat = غلو کردن – خالی بستن – حرف مفت و الکی زدن

Take with a grain of salt = باور نکردن – با شک قبول کردن

Have egg on one’s face = دستپاچه شدن – آبرو رفتن – رفتن آبرو

Bill: He’s a nitwit. What half-baked idea does he have now?

Walter: He’s sure he can become a millionaire by buying 100 lottery tickets. 
He thinks it’ll be a piece of cake.

Bill: That’s one for the books. It’s no cinch making money.

Walter: He talks through his hat. You have to take everything he says with a grain 
of salt.

Bill: Just watch. He’ll have egg on his face.

بیل: اون یه احمقه – این دفعه چه جور فکر احمقانه ای داره؟

والتر: او فکر می کنه که با خریدن صد تا بلیط لاتاری می تونه میلونر بشه. فکر می کنه این کار آب خوردنه
ساده اس –

بیل: خیلی عجیبه- پول در آوردن راحت نیست

(والتر: او خالی می بنده (غلو می کنه). باید به حرفهای او شک کرد. (نباید حرفاشو باور کنی

(بیل: حالا نگاه کن – به زودی آبروش می ره.(شرمنده می شه

a)A piece of cake     b)nitwit       c)cinch        d)half-baked       e)egg on his face     f)take it with a grain of salt     g)talking through her hat       h)one for the books

1. He says he got all A’s in college. I don’t believe it. You havt to ………………….

2. I can finish this work in no time. It’s ………………….

3. She hates to be around children and she’s an elementary school teacher. 
    That’s ……….

4. He said he was sick and stayed home from work. When a co-worker saw him at a    
    baseball game, he had……………….

5. He was going to Europe, but forgot to get a passport. What a …………………

6. At the sales meeting. He proposed a new project, but it was a terrible    

7. She’s always talking about how much money she’s investing and making in the M 
    stock market but I think she’s ………….

8. Working that machine is not difficult. 
    When I show you, you’ll realize it’s a ……………………..

1. f      2.a     3.h     4.e     5.b     6.d      7.g     8.c

1- Gold mine= بیزینس و کار بسیار موفق

I had no idea that my small business would make so much money. It’s really turned into a gold mine.

2- Grease monkey = مکانیک

I may be a grease monkey, but I make as much money as some doctors.