1-Head back = برگشتن به جای قبلی

We will spend a month in California and then head back to Des Moines.

2-Head for = عازم جایی بودن – به طرف جایی رفتن

I told the guy at the gas station I was headed for Santa Fe.

3-Tell on = لو دادن

I broke a glass; you are not going to tell on me, are you?

4-Carry on = ادامه دادن علیرغم مشکلات

You will have to carry on for the sake of the children.

5-Carry ….. on = با خود به داخل هواپیما بردن

The suitcase is pretty big. I hope they’ll let me carry it on.

6-Carry – on = کیف و ساک کوچک دم دستی

I am staying only one night in New York, so all I will need is a carry-on bag.

Run out of = تمام کردن – مصرف کردن

Pick up = گرفتن – خریدن

Odds and ends = چیزهای کم اهمیت – چیز میز – خرت و پرت

Fed up with = خسته شدن از چیزی – کافی بودن – جان به لب رسیدن

Foot the bill = پول دادن – پرداخت کردن

Down the drain = حرام کردن – هدر دادن – توی چاه ریختن – دور ریختن

Chip in = با هم خریدن – با هم تهیه کردن

Skip = فراموش کردن – بی خیالی طی کردن – گذشتن از چیزی

Florence: I’m always running out of food.

Tina: Why don’t you pick up some odds and ends at the store?

Florence: Because I’m fed up with having to foot the bill. I don’t like to throw my money down the drain.

Tina: Have everyone chip in.

Florence: No, just skip it.

فلورانس : یکسره (همیشه) مواد غذایی مون تموم می شه .

تینا: چرا یه مقدار خرت و پرت از فروشگاه نمی خری؟

فلورانس: چون از پول خرج کردن جونم به لبم رسیده (حالم به هم می خوره) (خسته شدم) دوست ندارم پولمو دور 
(بریزم (هدر کنم

(تینا: (همه) بچه ها را مجبور کن پول بدن (با هم پول بگذارید و بعد خرید کنید

(فلورانس : نه، ولش کن (بی خیالش.

a) runs out of   b) pick some up    c) down the drain    d) odds and ends    
e) fed up with    f) footing the bill   g) chip in     h)skip

1. She doesn’t like cooking every night. She’s …………..it.

2. Everybody occasionally ……………….bread and milk.

3. He goes to college and lives at home. He doesn’t have a job yet. 
    His father is ………….

4. I bought a pair of shoes that don’t fit me. I wore them once but my feet hurt. 
    I can’t wear them anymore. That was money ……………….

5. Susan wanted to go to the movies but John was too tired. 
    She told him to ………..it.

6. I’m almost packed for vacation. I only need suntan lotion, toothpaste and     

7. I don’t have enough money to buy that color TV. How much do you have? 
    If all of us ……………, we can buy it.

8. I don’t have any bread. I have to …………………

1. e     2.a      3.f     4.c      5.h      6.d         7.g       8.b

1-Busy as a beaver = خیلی گرفتار بودن

I was as busy as a beaver all day.

I never stopped moving all day.

2-Call it a day = کاری را تمام کردن

I am tired. I think I’m going to call it a day. See you tomorrow.